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How to Build a WordPress Website and Make it Profitable. If You Can Spare a Few Hours a Week, You can Create Your Own Financial Miracle.

20+ year Solopreneur business slashes prices to break even.

  • Shows people how to Build a WordPress Website and make it Profitable.
  • If You Have a few Hours a Week Spare… Why not use it to Create Your Own Financial Miracle.
  • No tricks, no MLM
  • No spending a fortune on never ending up sells.

How long will it take? : Building a WordPress Website is easy. Solo Build It shows you how to make it profitable, paving the way for a retirement income. Generally people start to see results after about 3 – 6 months.

It isn’t free, and it ain’t New!.

Times have changed and many people are only realizing that they should have done something about learning how to make an income online before all the drama of Covid. Obviously there is a reason for this and…

If it were suitable for everyone, everyone would have it. The fact is, it isn’t suitable for everyone. Because of that, Solo Build It has a 90 day money back guarantee.

This makes it a painless, inexpensive way to get you started into living the life you desire. Complete with all the help you need, all at absolutely no risk to you.

It’s perfect for those who…

  • Are serious about growing a profitable online business
  • Bringing a positive attitude and determination to the table.

Why build a WordPress Website?

  • Because it is open source code.
  • 36% or thereabouts of all the websites in the world are WordPress.
  • 42% of people who have E-Commerce Sites, have WordPress.
  • With thousands of themes, WordPress caters for the ultra serious webmaster, as well as the part time novice.
  • Because of things called “themes” and “plugins”, it’s super easy to change how your blog looks and functions without needing any special technical knowledge 

You have WordPress.com and WordPress.org. ( The “dot org” was once solely for not for profit and educational institutions), but which ever way you go you need to host your WordPress sites. Another cost… However…

Hosting is included in your Solo Build It membership.

It is not only WordPress, you can build web sites with many site builders.

It doesn’t matter, they all come with the same downside…You can fail on any of them, and most do. Because without proper guidance you will most likely going through loads and loads of conflicting “how to’s”. It is usually called information over load.

Then like millions of others, your efforts will be destined to the “I’ll come back to it later”, syndrome and look at some other shiny object.

Let me Introduce You to Solo Build It.

In a day or less Solo Build It will have you…

  • Working from your WordPress Dashboard. The control center for your site.
  • Uploading photos to use in your content.
  • Know how to set up your Sitemaps for Google, Bing and other search engines.
  • Plus which plugins to use etc.

What about SEO and all the other Stuff Everyone talks about.

I hear you. SEO is always mentioned when people are talking about profitable websites. For the Rich and Famous, It is not always necessary.

For all us unknown and fame deprived people. We have to know some SEO. We have to get a little geeky. It is not hard, just geeky enough to get onto Googles first couple of pages.

This is done using the 80 / 20 rule. 20% of the work get 80% of the results.

So it is with SEO. You will have all the help you need to get the basics right (the 20%), including expert help from the site community.

You will then go a bit deeper into the 80%, which will increase your knowledge of Google and Bing Search Engines. So you will understand what they look for when crawling pages. And your pages will be fully optimized for maximum rankings.

And we need to do this, because at this very point in time…….

The Internet Offers You The Ultimate Opportunity.

Unfortunately you will not get rich overnight. Regardless of what you have seen in your email today.

Maybe if you dig deep enough you will find one or two overnight success stories. Just don’t hold your breath, and keep your wallet safe while your digging to find them.

There are a lot of scams out there.

With a large percentage of middle class jobs now becoming low wage service sector jobs ….

Now is the Time to do, What you Always Wished you Could.

The problem is you may not know where to begin. And most people say they cannot afford to give up the 9-5 job.

And resign themselves to that life path…

The Coronavirus, associated isolation’s and lockdowns, has caused many people to start having a darned good think about their future prospects.

Hell, It took you ages to find a new job when your previous employer closed his business. Now you have this Isolation.

Tell me, you aren’t sick of being screwed around?. The plans you had?, put on the back burner…Again…

That cruise won’t be happening this year, or next year unless something changes drastically.

Keep Reading, It Can Happen !

For instance one lady sick of the 9 – 5, started a web site writing about chickens.

Yep Chickens ! True story, it gets better.

She never knew a damn thing about them when she started.

I forget the time frame to her making good dollars with this chicken site. But I think it could have been a lot shorter, if she had at least known something about chickens when she started!.

Seriously Though…

She provides some good insights on research, and monetizing her chicken site.

Go here to view the Video.

Take note of what she did with Amazon !

**In April of 2020 Amazon slashed the %’s it pays affiliates to near zero. ** But Amazon isn’t the only bear in the forest.

Think You Can Spare a few Hours a Week to Create a Financial Miracle in Your Life?

I don’t mean with Chickens (unless that is what you want).

You have to agree though, that Cath, (the chicken Lady), does quite well with her site. After all it helped pay for the rebuilding of her home after an earthquake.

To start with, we will get you to follow our action guide.

The same guide Cath started with, If you can follow this, you will be on your way to the winners enclosure.

The best part, you don’t need a Phd or even a college degree to understand it. We’ve kept it basic for a reason.

To help as many people as possible succeed.

The more people who succeed, the more loyal customers we have telling other people about us.

No Need to Re-Invent the Wheel. Solo Build It Have Researched What Works.

A few years ago SBI did a study on over 200 resources that had a bearing on online success.

The number one thing that was discovered

Most of those sophisticated influence’rs in the forums and groups know…

……………………way too much of the wrong stuff.……………………

SBI has the right materials, it utilizes the right materials in the right way and in the right order. In other words… You will master the key variables.

Here is a Challenge

After 18 years Solo Build It and prior to this, Solo Build It for WP, has documented proof that people are far more likely to be successful with SBI than any other platform.

If you can prove SBI wrong, you get a free subscription for 10 years. !

That is worth close to $30,000.00, $29,990.00 to be exact.

Don’t let this Pass like a Ship in the Night.

The money we are talking about for you to get started is not that great.

Plus You are fully covered with the 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee anyway.

The freedom and benefits that such a small yearly or monthly amount offers your family include…

  • Becoming independent of the 9 – 5
  • Contribute to your kids college fund
  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Earn an outrageous income

You can get Started Now for less Than $20.00 a Month.

At the normal price of $29.99 a month you are saving $160.00, if you jump on the yearly deal now. But you had better Jump now!.

Click on the order page to see the special Deal being offered. It Cannot Last !

Opportunities like this are as rare as hens teeth!.

Check Out The Bonus’s. Solo Build It, Can’t Put a Dollar Value on Them.

The Big Guys are all saying how easy it is to build a website.

True it isn’t hard to build a website. Point and Click.

But having a stunning website does not mean you have a business... Regardless of what they tell you.

You can build stunning websites with SBI too… The difference is… they get you to put an engine in it. A big one!

Check out these bonus’s you will have, to get you going and becoming Successful. We can’t put a dollar value on them !

And they are not really interested in putting a dollar value on them actually.

  • Research and plan (perfect niche, best topics, site structure, competitive research, visitor “thumb nailing”).
  • Plan branding (“Brand of One”). Decide upon issues such as positioning, VPP (“Valuable PRE selling Proposition”), voice, and site design — they must all come together, as one.
  • Create standout content that visitors want (a stunning site is like a gorgeous soda bottle — empty without consumer-delighting content). Standout content reinforces your brand.
  • Further grow your “Brand of One” with sharp social media, choosing the one(s) that best fit your niche and brand.
  • Build high volumes of targeted, Pre-Sold Traffic.
  • Monetize by converting visitors (who like and trust you), into income.
  • Upgrade your monetization choices to higher-paying ones as time frees up from earlier activities.

You will Have all the Help you Need to Keep that Engine Tuned. Some More Bonus’s

Earlier I mentioned that we researched what went into becoming successful online.

What you need most is a partner who focuses on your success as much as you do.

Solo Build It take care of everything complicated, everything tedious, all the technical stuff. Like…

  1. It takes a process, one that guides you every step of the way.
  2. You need all the tools to execute the steps of that process (before, during and after “site building”).
  3. Guidance from kindred spirits, who are ready to “help and be helped.”
  4. 24/7 Support must be handy, for when something goes wrong.
  5. Auto-updating is a must, too.
  6. We keep you up to speed so you can focus 100% of your time business-building, not “keeping up” with the latest online info?

Hosting is Included, Domain Name and Email with your yearly subscription.

14 thoughts on “How to Build a WordPress Website and Make it Profitable. If You Can Spare a Few Hours a Week, You can Create Your Own Financial Miracle.”

  1. Hi Glad you found my post about Solo build it useful. I look forward to your success. Hopefully you will be a U-Tube star with your niche.

    All the best, there is nothing at all to lose these days.

  2. hello, Awesome review you have here on how to build a WordPress website..  I’ve got to say that I’m lucky to stumble upon this on article for i been looking for a way to build up a well equipped website that could help me, I am taking it for a test drive…

    thanks for sharing that I’m off to share it…

  3. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for your comment. There will be more detail in a later article. Happy it has been of some inspiration to you. 

  4. I have seen a lot of how to websites and articles and I always don’t find anything important or useful in them but this is incredible and very useful. Very thoughtful of you to come up with this great article. I will take time to read through the article over and over again to get everything in it in a thorough detail so that I can get my website paying off in no time. 

  5. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Your welcome. It looks like you got something out of the article.I am happy I was able to help in a small way. 

  6. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains valuable information’s one needs to know before creating a wordpress website and also how to make it profitable, well done. Thanks for sharing

  7. Michael Dubhthaigh

    WordPress is such a versatile platform. For blogging it is about 36% of live domains. and about 42% of E-Commerce Domains. More popular than Shopfiy and Magneto. 

  8. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard about using WordPress to build a website and earn from it, from a friend. I didn’t pay much attention to it beacuse I thought it’s just like every other platform. Having stumbled into a concise review about it’s framework, I am impressed with it, I must say. How wish I ultilize it at the first instance my friend introducee it to me. All thesame, I will definitely sign up ASAP

  9. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Hi Hilde,

    So many more bonus’s within Solo build it or Site Sell. One on One mentoring. Full key word research included A $500 cost. E-Mail marketing and sending. 
    To much more for me to put here. You can see more by clicking the link below. 

    This Link.

  10. WordPress sites are great websites. I have never heard of SBI for WP before so it got me a bit curious. Sounds great with 90 days money back guarantee. What exactly do you get when ordering? I understood I would get  a website, training in SEO  and a bonus if I go yearly. What other tools are included? And are there any upsells?

  11. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Hi Bolupe,

    Thank you for your comment. Solo Build it is one of only 2 (that I am aware of), affiliate marketing training programs available for less than $500.00 / p/yr. 

    There are others where you can do selected modules, but these work out quite expensive and don’t have the back up and resources available here.

  12. Solo Build It is such a fascinating resource for people looking to make a profitable online business. It is completely new to me and although I have been interested in online business for quite a long time, the information on how to build a WordPress Website was not available to me or I thought it was all scams. I will definitely be checking this out and I know several people will check it out too.

  13. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Hi Sami,

    4 hours a week does not complete the training. It is an arbitrary number you can devote each week. Ideally more would be better. But the time people can devote varies from person to person. 

    4 hours a week will get you started, lf people like it they will devote more time to it  and reach their goals sooner.

    Like most training’s it is ongoing even after you have achieved what you wanted too. Keeping up with the latest changes (no matter what your occupation is), will keep you abreast of any new techniques being implemented in your field.   

  14. As it is always interesting to hear about business oppurtunities online, I read your review and watched the video.  Solo Build for Word Press sounds like a full program with many built-in features to help as you are building a growing.  Learning how to do what needs to be done to ensure that you can handle your site regardless of what the future brings would seem a better way to build a site.  This would put you in charge of your business, and ready to get started.  What makes Solo Build able to back the claim that you can work be ready to go to work in 4 hours.  Surely you can’t learn all you need to know about building an online business in a short period of time.  As there are so many competitors out there to work against, it seems that the time required would be more, a lot more.  Thank you for bringing this business opportunity to my attention.

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