Does it help to growl if you're angry

Does it help to Growl if You’re Angry? Is it Crazy to do this?

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An angry man yelling and pointing his finger used in the article Does it help to growl if your're angry
I’m talking to YOU!

Does it help to growl if you’re angry?

Yes, apparently it does.

According to clinical psychologist Paul W. Schenk, Psy.D.

  • Growling is not mistreating anyone unfairly.
  • No words are spoken, so, there is no need for an apology for using hurtful words or disgusting language.

Personally, I have found it useful when confronted with a problem.

My thoughts might be *thinking something else (@#!!**), but problems need to be overcome, swearing and yelling will not solve them, nor will growling. There has to be positive action. The more quickly that happens the better.

*Well, maybe one or two words will slip out.

If someone else is responsible for the problem and he owns it, there is no point carrying on like a pork chop.

Two heads are better than one (usually).

Working together to solve the problem will provide a lesson for one, and possibly a sigh of relief for the other.

Of course, it could really be a very serious problem in the workplace and someone gets fired!

According to Paul Schenk, growling if we are angry is how we feel about an event, not the event itself.

And growling helps to swing your mood from anger to one of evaluation.

Hence, you are better able to deal with the issue if your mindset is happier.

Is it Normal for Humans to Growl if they are Angry?

YES, and you’re not going crazy!

It is normal and even recommended by many psychologists and other mental health practitioners.

Animals growl because they are giving a warning, the deeper the growl the closer they are getting ready to attack.

But growling like a dog or some other animal is not a natural expressive sound for humans.

However, when we are angry we do sometimes lower the pitch of our voices, which is similar to growling.

We sometimes make an almost growl-like sound to express frustration—sometimes spelled “Arg!” or even “grrrr!” It’s not a true growl, and it’s not normally aggressive, but it is related.

As is a high-pitched yell of “Faaaarrrrkkk”, followed by a deeper “grrrrr”

Anger is a Natural Emotion

Like laughing, crying, or feeling afraid. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Keeping it under control is the problem for many people.

How many instances of domestic violence could have been averted if they had growled at each other, instead of slaps, punches, and worse?

I’m sure two lovers growling at each other won’t come to blows.

Hugs and laughter is more likely, then hopefully a rational discussion follows.

Of course, there are always different circumstances.

Road Rage is one of those Circumstances.

If someone cuts me off and then brakes hard, my first reaction is at least one loud expletive and feeling my blood pressure rise as I stomp on the brakes.

Those words mean nothing to anyone else other than me, and/or any passengers, as I drive with the windows up and air-con on.

I have been known to wind them down so I could be heard on occasion though.

If there is no damage done I give “thanks” (thank **!!!##*for that), but I have seen others’ reactions be completely over the top.

The worse thing about road rage is if you get out of your car ready to confront the object of your rage, you just might be facing some dude with the strength and temperament of an angry gorilla armed with a baseball bat.

It may be best to try and become friends and go to anger management classes together.

Anger is Part of Life

Some people have what is termed slow fuses, others have short fuses.

People with short fuses let it all go at once.

People with slow fuses do have a problem, as their anger can develop into something more sinister.

Each slight goes into the memory bank until there is enough anger built up for the human equivalent of a nuclear explosion.

Animation of an angry insect waving its fist and yelling from an ants nest, used in the article Does it help to Growl if You're Angry?

None of us are perfect enough to be devoid of anger.

Others among us developed a personality disorder due to an accident or playing contact sports.

It is an unattractive trait, and extremely destructive when people lose total control of themselves.

I knew a project manager who told me that, “when he was younger he was a complete idiot.

Back then his options were limited to psychologists/psychiatrists recommended by the company.

They fed him medications.

He still goes to work with a bottle of pills in his pocket.

Other options such as hypnosis, were considered esoteric around that time.

“Airy fairy” bullshit the angry person would say.

Then some people used them and got good results.

Funny how the resistance to hypnosis collapsed fairly quickly compared to say… praying.

Let us Pray.

For those unable to forgive those that “trespassed against them”

Try this:

On sheets of A4 paper write this:

“l am resentful at:”

Then list the names of all the people and institutions you are angry with.






The Cause:

Write the reason you are angry at them, keep it brief.

God knows the details already.

This is to help you overcome it.

Write the institutions on the list too.


The Government

Bureaucratic departments


Big Pharma


Rags Constructions LLC


Then the cause


The company won’t give me time off

The government sent me a letter saying I owe them money

I am addicted to pills


Then put a heading

“It Affects my:”






Personal Relationships


Write how it affects each one.

THEN pray for THEM.

Then look and see where YOU HAVE been:


Self Seeking




What you are frightened about and ask God to take that fear away.

This method works too, but it takes work.


It is worth trying if you want true freedom and the ability to move on with your life and begin to look to the future unhindered by the past.

Limiting your Anger.

You can be angry at yourself and may not think it affects others around you.

They have eyes and intuition, they know, they can see it in your expression.

Talking about it does help, even if you talk to yourself (meditate/pray).

Take action before you erupt.

These days anger can be considered abuse (it often is), and there are severe consequences for people verbally abusing others.


I know it is easier said than done but…

You letting go of your anger doesn’t mean you’re forgiving the other person.

It means you are freeing yourself from pain.

There are lots of courses on anger management, run by governments, corporates, and private institutions.

Probably the more esoteric the program the better the outcome.

Maybe you find it easier to walk around with a bottle of pills in your pocket.

I am not being judgemental. Each to their own.

After all big pharma plays a prominent role in our society.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Stay happy.

5 thoughts on “Does it help to Growl if You’re Angry? Is it Crazy to do this?”

  1. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Thank you for sharing Jannette,

    Your doctor may agree with you. 

    All the best.

  2. I’ve never thought that growling is recommended by your doctor, but if it can relieve stress, I’m all for it. As I deal with people every day who make me upset, lots of times I just walk away angry. This information is very helpful, and I appreciate you sharing it with your followers. I have shared on social media. 

  3. Michael Dubhthaigh

    A great honest response. 

    Thank you for your thoughts. Stay frosty.

  4. It can be a real challenge to let go of anger, especially when it may be directed internally. And I can’t imagine there’s a person alive who has not experienced real anger at some point in time. I’ve got to say, it was interesting to read about the concept of growling when angry. I’ve only screamed when alone in private to let it out. But I really like the suggestions you’ve mentioned with regards to writing out your resentments and then meditating/praying over it. That sounds like a much healthier way to deal with deep anger. I’ve known several people in my life with anger issues and it’s a shame they weren’t open enough to find healthy ways to cope with it. In the end, too much exposure to it just harms everyone affected, not to mention the one who’s doling it out. Thanks for a great read.

  5. I love how you concluded this article. Letting go of anger has more advantages for you your self. It frees your mind of bitterness and replaces it with love and peace. I will rather have peace than carry anger and hatred in my heart. You may not necessarily forgive the person, but relax, free your heart of bitterness and you will be creative enough to build a better world for yourself

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