12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020. Simplify the Path to Quadruple Your Income. Updated 2024.


12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020. Updated for 2024.

This  Review of Hot Trending Niches Will Show Where the Money Is Being Made.       

Most are Ignored Because they are Not Fashionable.

The Barefoot Affiliate wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Thank you to my subscribers and those who have passed through these pages over the past year. Here we are, A new decade,  recovered from the hangovers and overindulgence, resolutions made. Now back to work.

Whatever your resolutions this year, the one near the top of most peoples list, is to be in a better financial position than you are now. Many people use a side hustle to try and get ahead. The trouble with those who try an online side hustle, is they bounce from one thing to the next without giving any time to mature.

Going around in circles will only make you dizzy.  

First. Consider this. 

What if you have a solution or have a better way of doing things that many people don’t know about?  Solving problems can be very rewarding and satisfying. 

Expanding Your Knowledge. 

If you wanted to branch into another field there are plenty of short courses  you can take, that will give you knowledge / skills in that field. 

12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020, To set you up for life
New Years Resolutions.

You Already Have the Motivation. 

To pay down some debt, improve your retirement fund, extend the house.

Having a website may sound counter intuitive, It costs money. $359 a year ( $1.00 a day ), for this one.

Probably the least amount of money you will ever spend to set up a business, buying a franchise, or adding to your existing business. 

In today’s digital climate where 81% of consumers perform an online search before purchasing something, having a website leverages your products to a world wide audience. 

Invest in  Yourself. Not Someone else’s Promises.

You may have been thinking of starting a website for a while, or you  may have even tried things offered by the “online marketing wizard fraternity”  who scheme together, and direct your attention to their latest shiny scheme 

  • Click Funnels
  • B2B marketing
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Creating Apps. these come and go…fast. 
  • Numerous other shiny things.
  • And lost money,  and beating yourself up for the wasted time and effort. 

It doesn’t have to be like that. There are hundreds, even thousands of websites earning good dollars, and they are doing None of the things listed above.

The Secret to Earning Online.

Keep it Simple Sweetheart.

Do that and everything will fall into place.  

The secret?  Keep it simple and make it meaningful.  All of these have a solid evergreen base. They are of interest to hundreds of thousands , they always have been and always will be.

Of course there will always be little changes in technology that keep these niches current and popular. 

What ever your specialty, if it is relevant to you then it will be of help to others too. 

Lets Review, 12 of the Best websites that will earn you an Online Income. 

In no particular order, this is a list that has been proven over and over to work. You will notice most of these are craft niches and really these are the best ones to earning an online income. 

I would not consider any of these glamorous, from my experience providing a service and helping people with either a product or information provide the best avenues for earning online. 

It is a more consistent and viable than some here today, gone tomorrow,  whiz bang software that claims you can do nothing and earn money. 

So, lets forget about reinventing the wheel, and have a look at the Pros and Cons of these. 

1. Home Brewing.              

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Sampling the product.

                                                                       Pros.                                                        Boutique drinks either alcoholic or otherwise, is an evergreen niche. 

If this is a pastime of yours then having a website with creative recipes, historical formulas, stories about how it was done in years past.

Setting up a U-Tube channel showing how it is done will have this website earning for years.  

Your expertise will be welcomed by anyone wanting to know more about home brewing, as well you could have google ad words, and  promote suitable Amazon products to maximize your income. 

The best part, it can become a great income earning asset.


You would need some space to make and store your brew.  Purchase ingredients and a brewing kit.

Like most things on the internet you will need lots of photos, videos and provide good clear explanations.  You will also have to update your website with relevant content regularly. 

You will need to set up a U-Tube account (free), and become competent at using it. Also knowledge of including videos in your website content. The commitment to learn the processes of setting up videos and websites.  More on that at the end of the post. 


If you have some website building skills you will pick this up quickly. Learning how to use Pinterest and Social media is something else that is needed.

My way would be to do the videos and photos on a weekend and website content through the week.  

2. Pets. 

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Look at me                                                                                                        

This is a broad niche that could be narrowed down to :- Pet training, Pet Caskets (if you do wood work), Pet Grooming, Pet Clothing, breeding dogs / cats etc.

This was a bit of satire , but I do know of a woman who makes about $30,000 a year talking about chickens.


Although already popular with many sites on Google. There are many gaps in this niche. 

In a store the other day,  I overheard a woman complaining about not being able to buy a suit for her breed of dog. This is not a hard market to tap into. 

Of course you could always sell these on Etsy, and promote on Pinterest and Social media.

Or list your products here for world wide distribution 

Having your own website maximizes the opportunity for sales, as well as passive income.  You could outsource some work, creating employment for others. 

You would be earning an income before you set up a web page, promoting your most popular items. 


 You would need to research the sizes of animals and amount of material required to make the items.  Small, Medium or Large dogs . these could be obtained from friends dogs, or your own. 

Space in your home to make the items, as well as good photos and videos.  Dogs / cats / horses et el.  for modelling the clothing.  


Set up time , for this as well as building a website could take some time.

3. Soap Making. 

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Making Soap process

Who doesn’t like to be pampered?.  There are two processes for soap making. Hot process and Cold process. Both are great hobbies which can be turned into a lucrative full time business. 


Natural products like Goats Milk,  Shea Butter,

Cocoa, and lots of others are all popular. Offline, On E-Bay, Etsy and elsewhere.   It is very popular and it is not hard to become an expert at soap making. 

Usually the way this works, you generate a brand offline, selling at markets etc. Set up a website, do less off line marketing and let the website do the work.  It will happen very quickly 

Scale it to whatever you want to manage. It can be busy because you have a product that will generate repeat orders.  Just update your website when you have new products or prices increases. 

You could list your products here, for greater exposure. 

As well passive income from adwords, or other links will make this a great profitable website. You can see more here.  


Purchase ingredients. ( generally inexpensive ). Some space at home for making the soaps and storing them. Cost of packaging and branding them with a logo. 

Knowledge of website building or commitment to learn. 

Photos and (maybe) videos for a website. Knowledge of how to use Pinterest and Social Media. 


This is one only takes a couple of weeks to have enough stock to start giving you a return.  Build a good website targeting your local area first and this one could boom. 

4. Jewelry Design. 

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Cut out coin necklace

    Pros.                                                            Jewelry has probably the highest mark up of any item online or off.

 It is also one of the most lucrative niches on line as well as off.  If you have learned jewelry making basics you will quickly build enough stock to give you a return within a few weeks.

Adding a website will generate more revenue. Good detailed photos are needed to attract attention.  

This will help you to get started in this niche.  Maybe even become a millionaire if you follow the plan. ?


Competitive.  Finding a good supplier to provide materials at a reasonable price. Not suitable if you have little artistic talent. Knowledge of Pinterest and Social Media promotion.


The cost of marketing needs to be kept under control if you go heavily into Social Media advertising.

Best to start out at local markets and build a following, then set up your website. You will know what sells and what doesn’t. 

From an online perspective it can be slow to take off, but perseverance will pay off big time with this. 

5. Financial Adviser.                         

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
The Ebb and Flow of Money

                                                         Giving good investment advice is a great way to help people plan ahead.

You might be an expert at Technical Analysis or investment trends and taxation advice, where you can give timely information and recommendations so people can benefit from Pros.

You will be able to market your own products from a website. Pick up other work from contacts in Linkedin or freelance sites. Easy to build an online subscriber following via newsletters and email, 

You are writing about what you already know, so research should not be time consuming. Multiple micro niches can be developed from one broad niche and included on the one website. 

Promote your own seminars in the local area. For instance creating a local share trading group. Promotion of your business in local media, by writing articles for news papers, or providing commentary for T.V networks.  


Not many. It is competitive, but most players in this niche are not active enough to gain all the benefits available to them. Some copy writing skills are necessary. 


If you are competent in the area of finance then all you need to do is build out your own website. More on this at the bottom of the page. 

6. Travel.

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.

Pros. You don’t need to be tripping around the world to earn an income from this.  It could be your local area or your State or Country. Ideal for those who have intimate knowledge of their local area or State, the best camping places, Hiking trails, Pan for Gold or fossick for gems, fishing spots, etc;  Income can be earned from Adwords or Amazon items promoted on your site. 


Not many that I can think of. Good photography and some writing skills are needed. knowledge of using Pinterest and to a lesser extent marketing on Social Media. 


Although travel is a broad niche it does have many sub niches, R.V. lifestyle, family day trips, and of course foreign travel.

If you have good writing and photography skills this will provide a good second income provided you are consistent with adding content to your website. This may only take a few hours a week to maintain.  

7. Tour Itineraries.

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Which Way Now ?. 

This has nothing to do with becoming a travel agent. Although it will be useful to have some contacts with one or two, as well as tour guides. 

This is an emerging niche related to travel.

I could probably have included this in the above niche, but as an example of narrowing down a niche and I have kept it separate. 

People will pay you to arrange a tour itinerary for them. You do need intimate knowledge of a State, Country or local area. This can take time or, you may already have that knowledge. You just need to leverage it.

Obviously you will need a website with great photos and a good balance between content and photos. 

This will take time before it will earn an online income. Although some income can be earned by writing for travel magazines or travel agencies.

Pinterest and sites like trip adviser can provide good exposure to your site. 

A perfect example of this niche can be seen here.  

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.

8. Modelling.

For the Do it your self people. Trains, Boats, Planes, Cars, Buildings and People. Anything that can be scaled is a niche. 


Popular and competitive. Often the competitiveness is co-operative. People will share links to other sites that have an alternative knowledge point. 

Great for promoting Amazon products relevant to the niche, or perhaps your own invention or creation. So many ways to monetize this niche. U-Tube videos generally build into large followings, creating extra income. 


None that I can think of. It will take a bit of work to have a website up and adding content. But, you have to do something to make something. If your a do it yourself person you will know what I am talking about. 

9. Photography.

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Inca ruins Peru. 

Another awesome niche, great for affiliate marketers. Hundreds of sub niches, birds, wildlife, landscapes, historical sites. gardens,  fashion etc;  Drones are part of this niche too. 


Competitive, but an extremely diverse niche.

Lots of opportunity to let your passion shine. You may not know everything about a subject, but researching something your interested in isn’t hard work. More like your soaking up knowledge you can then share. 

Will it make money?  Maybe, who knows with this niche,  but you can sell photos, promote cameras as an affiliate to a camera company, or Amazon.

And there are a lot of people travelling the earth living on their own terms ! 


You could have too much fun with this niche.  ?

10. Music.

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Notes to play by.

Music is more about U-Tube. Probably one of the hardest niches to break into. I think anyway, I am not at all musical. 

A website in this niche ( of which there are many sub niches), is where you can link back to lessons on U-Tube.  One has to complement the other. 

Your website can be diverse, but focused on your niche. By diverse I mean it could include biographies of well known people playing that instrument. 

If you teach, then a program of lessons which can be delivered passively through your site, to a download linked from your website.  This is a good way to earn money. 

You can also, ( if your still performing ), give dates and places of your performance.  Upload these to U-Tube and keep building a following. 

Having knowledge on how to best use Pinterest and Social Media will help.

Courses are always popular and you need a website to deliver them. 


It is a very popular niche and although there are a lot of parts to this niche, it just goes from strength to strength. It could take time to build a following to sell your CD’s or lessons.

Setting up your lessons and having a way to deliver them requires a good level of website building knowledge. 

A lot of people must be having fun becoming involved in this evergreen niche, as it just gets bigger and better.  If you stick with it it will pay off. 

11. FreeLance Writer.

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Old school way

Very competitive, but also a great deal of demand for free lance writers in almost every niche imaginable.  

Some sites that are good to promote your skills and earn money include

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Linkedin
  • Freelancer
  • Medium
  • Clear Voice
  • Contently. 

The pros and cons are obvious I think. You do need copy writing skills or at the very minimum you can write engaging content. 

Building a website to showcase your abilities is a no brainer. This need not be a resume, but something that shows your versatility and writing style.

As well as using it to pick up work, it can also earn you a side income as well, with Adwords or Amazon books. 


It is possible to earn good money, and a 4 or 5 figure income a month is not uncommon. The starting rate will be very much less than that though. 

12. Safety.

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Oops, careful.

Who would have thought ? Politically Correct, Unfashionable, Boring even, but ignore it, and you are stepping over a fortune in profits. 

Lets See what it offers. 

It is a fairly broad niche often ruled by Multi-National companies.

If you have accreditation’s in a specific area and can build a good website you will out rank the larger firms quite easily. 

You can provide courses, products, have affiliate products on your site. and provide useful information that will be of importance to many people. 

Think, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Office workers. Home handy man.. etc. 

Also there are many small companies who don’t publicize their wares as safety products. Preferring instead to highlight the value of increased productivity.

They forget to mention the savings of no time lost due to crushed fingers or smashed teeth.

Becoming an affiliate or distributor of these items adds another dimension to your earnings from this niche.  

What about Health and Wellness?

Although a popular niche it is not as profitable (in an overall sense ) as the ones listed above. 

The reason the ones listed above are the best, is because no matter how people are involved, each is unique in their own individual way.

  You only have to go to Pinterest to see what I mean. 

There are many micro niches in the health and wellness domain, bee keeping, supplements, home cooking, cultural food, an almost endless list, and many individual sites are very profitable. 

There are also many MLM programs in this niche.  One Here. 

I am not saying they are bad, but they don’t match the criteria I had when compiling this list. 

 Decision Time. What are your plans for 2020 again? 

Earlier in the post I said to make your resolution meaningful. Something that will make a difference.

The great thing about all these niches is, they have one common theme. They are his and hers compatible.  Partners working together is what has made these some of the most profitable niches on the planet.

Other great niches include gardening / landscaping , home decor.  Again, these are his and hers compatible and appeal to a huge demographic. 

Your Next Step

Review of 12 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020.
Step out of the circle of fear.

 Take some action. Tell people about the things your good at, or passionate about. They will thank you for it. 

Take your first step here .  Don’t pay anything until your happy it will work for you. 


I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an open education resource, where you can learn everything on developing and monetizing your own website.

 Besides that, there is a lively international warm and helpful community,  open 24/7 to answer any question you might have.

The step-by-step video courses are easily understood by anyone who has mastered the basics of the English language.

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