7000 Incredible Landscaping Designs with Photos

7000 Incredible Landscaping Designs with Photos

7000 Incredible Landscaping Designs with Photos is a resource not to be left unopened on the shelf.  Packed full of designs, photos and landscaping ideas from around the world you will be massively impressed with the quality of information and ideas.

Why do We Landscape?

Parks and Gardens in your town or city are landscaped for amenity.  It is all about creating a welcoming environment that is safe and gives a feeling of relaxation through visual attractiveness.

Of course this can have economic benefits for the community, among other benefits, like providing a place for birds and other wildlife that show a healthy environment.  

A healthy home is dependent on two things.  They are, that the external and internal environments compliment each other.

We all know, that when done properly,  landscaping will enhance your surroundings and add value to your property.  7000 landscaping design ideas with photos takes it all,  to a whole new level !

But it is not only homes that are landscaped. Look around you, the local shopping center will likely have some landscaping around it.

 Ideas 4 Landscaping. 

Landscaping Design Ideas are as varied as the individuals who create them. Actually there are 7250 design ideas, from all over the world that will give you inspiration for your design. 

Japanese gardens  for example,  revolve around water, with only slight variations to their theme.  

The main aspect of any landscaping project is to create a pleasant atmosphere, but, as well as creating a pleasant theme, there are other benefits to be gained from good landscaping as well.

Interior Landscapes

7000 Incredible Landscaping Design Ideas with Photos
Smart use of Shelving and Plants creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Many of the  world’s population reside in units / apartments,  high density housing.

Internal air quality is an important factor for comfort and a healthy environment as it is for a standalone residence out in the suburbs or on acreage.

If you live in an apartment then Ideas 4 landscaping is a terrific must have resource for you.

The Benefits

7000 Incredible Landscaping Design Ideas with Photos
Arch Bridge

Good garden and landscape design are not confined to ascetics, or just a place to “chill out”

Other benefits are.

  • Energy Savings
  • Food production
  • Many plants remove toxins from the atmosphere such as formaldehyde  or volatile organic compounds.
  • Air quality
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Improve ground moisture and fertility levels
  • Improve drainage around your home
  • Out door entertainment areas
  • Attracting birds and other wild life.
  • Gardening is a great form of exercise.
  • Self satisfaction with your creation and work
  • A relaxing hideaway.

Ideas need a Plan

7000 Incredible Landscaping Design Ideas with Photos

It is one thing to have an idea, but turning that idea to reality involves a set of skills  not everyone has, and to be honest, many folk don’t want to have.

Landscaping is a broad field and involves skills such as architects, surveying, carpentry, horticulture, plumbing, electrical, and plant operation, concreting, rock wall building and fishponds.

Materials account for much of the cost a landscape project. However, using recycled materials such as recycled timber, can make a project more cost effective. if these are not available try to use plantation timber.

Generally the best-recycled hardwoods are old railway sleepers, or timber from demolished older buildings.

7000 Incredible Landscaping Design Ideas with Photos
A great Pastime

Crushed rock or concrete, should be readily available from your local nursery along with plants, soils and mulches and other requirements you may have.

Treated plantation softwoods are OK to use, but if you are buying new all the time costs can get out of hand.

Any new structures in your project, pergols, etc; should be built using new materials.

Also try to reuse material from any excavation, for use in garden beds or to build up low areas so water is allowed to drain away, But not towards your home.

Not everyone wants to go to that level of work and expense though.

A single retired person or couple might be happy with a few strategically placed large outdoor potted plants.

Young couples who rent will often search for indoor potted plants, flowers.  Usually low maintenance potted plants, this will create a pleasant visual effect on their environment, and if they forget to water the plant for a few days, the plant will likely survive.  

You can grab some great potted plant tips by clicking here.  


The use of “Ag Drains” is a popular way to remove excess water from an area, depending on the size of the project a catchment and PVC pipe may have to be used to remove water, either to a pond, or the kerb.

Any excavated rock is always good for perimeter walls around gardens or feature pieces.

Excessive amounts of paving should be avoided as they contribute to micro climate heating and reduced site permeability. There is an old saying. “Pave only where you walk, sit or stand”.

Designing your project to include areas for children need not be hard. As they grow, the things they use become redundant,  in many cases they become features.

Plants for Apartments

7000 Incredible Landscaping Design Ideas with Photos
Interior Landscaping
7000 Incredible Landscaping Design Ideas with Photos
Aromic Leaves

If you live in an apartment you have great opportunities for outdoor expression. This is one area that shows the importance of plants relative to humans. 

  • Terrariums,  always popular.
  • Indoor Hanging Plants
  • Balcony boxes with flowers or vegetables
  • Succulents
  • A huge list  Here

Still there are costs involved, lighting, pots, soil mixture, and fertilizers all have to taken into consideration.

Once done, there is only regular watering (misting) and you are done.

The benefits of indoor plants has been shown to have:-

positive psychological effects and as well as help with indoor air purification, since some species, and the soil-dwelling microbes associated with them, reduce indoor  air pollution   by absorbing  volatile organic compounds  including  benzene, formaldehyde, and  trichloroethylene. While generally toxic to humans, such pollutants are absorbed by the plant and its soil-dwelling microbes without harm” from wikipedia.

Gardening Landscape Courses

Probably, you have in your local area experts who run courses, also there are hundreds/thousand(s). of books available (online and off), that cover just about every aspect of gardening or landscaping you may be interested in. 

I have written about some in other posts on this site. 

Ideas4 Landscaping is probably the most comprehensive garden and landscape design resource outside of a college or a university.

Essentially it is a one-stop shop of information for everything landscape and garden.

 If you have had problems with any of the following you need to look at Ideas 4 Landscaping.

  • Under-estimated the time and cost required to complete your landscape project.
  • Contractors over complicating the process to justify their price.
  • Not sure where to start
  • You don’t understand the process or are unsure about the materials required.
  • Just want a simple plan that could be completed in a weekend
  • Worried about being overcharged for landscape designs.
  • Want more choices than you would otherwise have if you just settled for magazine designs or contractor designs?
  • A contractor sick of the same old same old, and needing new designs. 

7000 Incredible Landscaping Designs with Photos

One payment at an unbelievable price and you have all this and more!

Along with thousands of photos you actually get designs that can be used whether you are new to this,  or a professional landscaper.

Comprehensive and excellent value it has all you need without undertaking expensive courses.

  • Instant access to 120 videos on landscaping
  • Basic & Pro Landscaping Designs. you can use the ideas whether you’re a DIY beginner, a professional landscaper, or a homeowner willing to spend to get that perfect landscape for your outdoors.
  • A massive collection of 1000’s of photos, ideas, and simple step-by-step details is designed to help homeowners make progress with their plan to liven up their home with the perfect theme.
    • Getting ideas to landscape your home is not a problem there is a style for nearly every yard, climate, country, trend, preference, and art form.

7000 Incredible Landscaping Designs with Photos

This resource has been put together by Helen Whitfield who has nearly 2 decades of landscape designing and contracting.

It includes gazebos and pools, concreting, decks, ponds, pools, irrigation, sheds, driveways, waterfalls, hedges, slopes-and-grades, fencing-and-plants.

Plus Ideas to enhance your home’s exterior with stylish furniture, lighting, plants and more.

Compiled into 60 categories, with 120 videos hosted by veteran landscapers and added to regularly, making it easier for you to formulate your design.

Is this just Recycled stuff off the Internet?

No.  This is all original and not a rehash of anything from either the internet or magazines.

Helen is an Educator and Member of the American National Landscapers Association and has devoted 5 years to putting this resource together.

It is used by professional landscapers and homeowners the world over. So it is likely some projects will have featured in a magazine or video.

Landscaping Design Ideas-Photos

 Do I use it?

I do, and my opinion is that it can take your design ideas to another level, plus,  I have had this one for nearly 10 years. They work well together. 

Click on the banner to see all the benefits of Ideas 4 Landscaping.

Landscaping Ideas


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