The Benefits of Freelance Writing Training, Even with the Emergence of AI.

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Ditching the cubicle and working to the beat of your own drum.

Are you passionate about writing or have a keen interest you love discussing? Freelance writing training is the key to nurturing your writing talents, gaining invaluable experience, and boosting your earning potential. In this article, we’ll explore the myriad of benefits of enrolling in a freelance writing course, highlighting how it can propel you towards success in the freelance writing arena.

You might be wondering, with all the buzz around AI, whether there’s still a place for human writers.

I, like a lot of others in the blogger sphere see, AI is a tool, nothing more; using it in isolation falls short.

Let’s delve deeper into this.

So, what Exactly is freelance Writing?

Freelance writers craft content for various platforms, including businesses, publications, and websites.

They might pen feature articles for magazines, cater to website content needs, and often, those who possess expertise in a specific field become go-to writers for feature articles.

Freelancers are self-employed, taking on projects as they come, and some even build thriving businesses, collaborating with various industries and hiring other writers.

Freelance writing encompasses a vast array of topics, from business and finance to lifestyle, health, science, and more. The appeal of flexibility drives many individuals, and they seek courses that accommodate their schedules and offer strong support.

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Kelly Boyer Sagert

The IAP Career College fits the bill perfectly, offering accredited courses that can be completed from the comfort of your home or favorite café.

Led by the highly regarded author, writing tutor, and Emmy award-winning scriptwriter, Kelly Boyer Sagert, with 22 years of writing and teaching experience.

Not everyone aspires to be the next Hemingway; most freelance assignments are under 2,000 words.

The IAP freelance writing course is tailored to get you up to speed quickly by covering theses important topics.

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Job update. Image: Elena Vivaldo
  • Covering grammar, Spelling and punctuation.
  • Writing assignment analysis
  • Working with editors
  • Building confidence
  • Discovering your writing specialty
  • Evaluating published works
  • Setting up your business.
  • Exploring new opportunities, and networking with fellow writers

These modules offer a comprehensive learning experience and are also ideal for experienced writers wanting a refresher.

Now, let’s Address the Elephant in the Room: AI.

Ok, Before we get into AI I will be upfront. At the bottom of this article is a link to writing course. Below that is a disclosure that I may be paid something (at no cost to you) if you purchase it.

And really, they don’t pay enough for me to be so biased that I see nothing but good in them and bad in everything else.

So, if something is garbage I will say so, likewise if something is useful. I have a stack of duds here.

Let me begin by saying It’s essential to look beyond the hype of AI.

Will Businesses Start Paying Writers Less?

As AI becomes more accessible and widespread, there’s a chance that some businesses might try to lower their rates for writers.
That is true to a point.

If businesses lower rates, it will be for the kinds of writing that anyone can create. In other words, unskilled work.

On the other hand, skilled writers whether or not they are using AI, such as content writers, copywriters, video script writers, and SEO shouldn’t have any trouble.

There’s always a shortage of these writers. They have developed templates and have little use for AI.

If you are thinking AI can do it all for you… think again, it needs your expert help and a lot of tolerance.

Someone I know, asked AI how to improve a video she had done on affiliate marketing, AI came back with “..add cats and ballons” !! True story!

AI’s, like Chat GPT, rely solely on pre-existing information and it lacks real-time external data access or verification capabilities.

Put another way, it’ll generate clumsily-connected points filled with irrelevant details that generally lead nowhere. If you’ve ever heard a four-year-old tell a story, you will know exactly what I mean

Additionally, optimizing content for SEO can be challenging with AI tools.

While there are other AI tools in development, like Bing’s forthcoming release, they’re still evolving.

AI tends to be overly polite, avoids personal pronouns, lack metaphorical language, and often speaks in general terms, making it a far cry from the imaginative and nuanced world of human writing.

In a world increasingly dominated by AI, remember, your creativity, imagination, and emotional connection with readers remain unparalleled.

Your writing will always have a place, and that’s something AI can’t change.

Neil Patel is an SEO expert and he makes some good points in this interview

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