Genusity Home Energy Saver. From Fake Eyelashes to Energy Saving Units, this MLM has all bases covered.

Editorial: This is just an information piece. I am not a member or employee of Genusity or any of its associated companies. Any opinions expressed here are mine and not representative of Genusity. This site does contain affiliate links for which I may receive commissions. This is at no additional cost to you. Does the

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Mega Holdings financial overview

Mega Holdings MLM 2021: An Overpriced Website Hosting Biz.

Big name. Big promises. Unfulfilled expectations – The  Mega Holdings network marketing scheme Hi and welcome to another MLM review. This time on Mega Holdings. Mega Holdings is a multi-level marketing company specialised in web design and development. With everyone aiming to grow their online presence, Mega Holdings MLM seems like the perfect MLM opportunity.

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