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MLM Network Marketing Review.

Love it or hate it, MLM network Marketing has been around for as long as most us of can remember. Many have gone under, for that matter all sorts of businesses have gone “under”. So, the ones still operating must be doing something right. For any business to be successful, it requires a good management team.

I did a brief review on this MLM Marketing Company in an earlier post. See it Here

It is easy to label something a Scam, this business has been around since 1993 and the online business since 1998, so, somewhere along the trail they must be doing something to the benefit of their members / Affiliates or Customers.

I also mentioned in the earlier post that I would look this one a little deeper. In my earlier review I only rated it 6.5 out of 10. I am not sure it is a fair assessment, since becoming a member and looking into it a bit deeper.  🙂

Name of Company: – Success Future International

(Sometimes called Strong Future International)

Owners: Carson Inc.

620 N 48th, Suite 104

Lincoln, NE 68504 USA

Website URL :- ( I am not sure) try this one:-

Training :- 9 out of 10. ( If done methodically).

Support:- 9 out of 10.

 Price:- Free (sort of).

IS IT A SCAM?  unequivocally  NO 

Is a Six Figure Income Possible?

I joined (after a little coaxing from a friend), and to be honest, I am still not sure how you could get even close to six figures. It’s advertising revolves around earning an income online. After 6 months, you could be earning $84.80 a month. After 12 months you could be earning $400.80 per month, by following two steps.

But so often in other motivational literature they say “A Six Figure Income”

How you would get to that on the above mentioned figures ?.  Well, as I got deeper into SFI, I see that it is possible. I am not saying it is common, I have no figures available. But definitely possible.

There is one thing to note about Affiliate income. The sales are based on low percentages, and most of the time you are just a vehicle for someone to have free advertising. As I mentioned here. 

This is a very different beast. You are working within the vehicle.

What is SFI About

This is definitely a $64 question. In the latest newsletter, they have new games coming, new badges, new contests and much more. All of this is on top of the list in the info graphic below.

For many these can be overwhelming. Best to take it slowly.

It goes even further, if you click on any of the links listed, you will see a page full of information about the topic. This is one of the quieter pages, in the header are links to Referring New Members and Product Sales.

It is near impossible to do Pros and Cons of this site, without taking each piece and dissecting it.

Although I have only done a brief study through it,  the Internet Course seems to be of very high quality. In fact, I would put it up there with the best I have seen, with much of it very original and lessons I’ve not seen elsewhere.

A couple of weak areas, mostly with using word press which they have glossed over with links just going back to word press. This is not uncommon with other internet courses though.

It is an in depth course that covers Historical, Psychological, and real world marketing techniques. This is a valuable source of information for any marketer, not just network marketers.

There are 39 “lessons”, covering everything from email marketing, blogging, word press plugins, analytic’s, For a complete list see  Here

Each month it is updated with real world advice and in depth step by step lessons. This is an  impressive course to go from beginner to at having least intermediate skills with internet marketing.


Out of 10 I will rate it a 9.5

Launchpad Lessons.

This will be one of the first pages you will be encouraged to go through when you first join SFI.

It is really just 14 pages giving background information on internet usage in developing countries, Information on SFI’s ability to expand on its already massive exposure in over 200 countries. Other information is more towards the motivational and starting your journey in SFI,  with small tasks to build your knowledge and give you more information on SFI’s potential. All up 59 lessons some can be done and understood quickly.

Not bad. I will rate these an 8.5 out of 10

Maybe it was some hippy from the 60s who named some of the various programs. But briefly .

Versa Points is you earning points for completing different activities on the SFI site.

Probably in the SFI algorithms it determines whether you are a serious player with SFI. The tasks generally are basic, upload a photo, confirm your email address. You can accumulate Versa Points in 12 different ways with no cost options for an unlimited quantity.

Triple Clicks.

This appears to be the Jewel in the Crown of SFI. Without this no money changes hands. Triple Clicks is the currency that SFI revolves around. And it is the major part of the Zing promotional network.

You can earn Triple Clicks, pay for them, bid for them, exchange them for hard currency, buy things, bet on games, whatever.

SFI has cross sales agreements with other online platforms like Shopify and Etsy as well as tens of thousands of products from other sellers around the world. they are also part of the Triple Clicks platform.

Triple Clicks also allows you to sell these items as well. You cannot adjust the price, but depending on your ranking in SFI you will receive a commission.

Triple Clicks, Rewardicals and Versa Points all tie into one another. As, do Astro Auctions. For example if you bought the leggings shown above, then you would “earn” 181 versa Points and 10 Rewardicals.

You “earn” Triple Click points for doing just about anything.  Depending on what you want to do.  If you want to build a bank you can buy packs of Triple Clicks.

The Eager Zebra games is also part of Triple Clicks. Some games are free, for others, there is a  cost.

You can play free or start at one triple Click coin, or bet as many as you are comfortable with. . Take your pick from Zackjack, Card King, Knockout Trivia Gold Streak, Pick the Price, Grandmaster Poker and a few others.

There is no obligation to pay for any games, and 1440 triple click credits is paid out every hour.

Then we have PriceBender Auctions. This is also tied to Triple Clicks.

So any activity involving any of these “promotions” will cost you triple clicks ( the currency) whether you paid for them or earned them free. This “cost” is then offset by Versa points rewards or Rewardacils.

Hopefully I have put that in a way so that it helps you understand how SFI makes money. (clear as mud you say? 🙂

I am putting no rating to this. It is optional whether you use it and any value has the potential to be positive or negative depending on how well you understand the concepts.

For mine don’t overthink them. If you go to your local supermarket and spend so much, then you will probably be entitled to some reward. This is an online version of the same system. However the games are real and have all the pros and cons of any other online gaming site.

Rewardacils and Localvantia

What a name for a product.

It is actually a very good idea. Rewardacils is an extension of Localvantia. A full explantion HERE

All of these “rewards” can be redeemed for cash.

Localvantia is designed to cover ALL merchants whose products and services can be consumed or sourced locally.  Where ever in the world SFI has a presence.

Rewardicals allows you to also shop ONLINE sellers and collect free Rewardicals, again without adding to your budget (just buy what you already buy, i.e. “Transfer Buying”).

According to SFI this is the HOLY GRAIL” of internet marketing. For which they give the following explanation.

It allows people to buy direct from local or nearby sellers. People also buy directly using their own currency, and deal with sellers who speak their language, it also keeps revenues in their local economy.

And,  the biggest of all is,  that they are TERRIFIC for those without a lot of money to invest in their business. Instead, they can meet all rank qualifications by simply buying the stuff they were going to buy anyway.

So even if any one of these people are in your sponsored list then some small reward will possibly filter back to you.


Well, So very different from my Previous review. Would you be likely to make a Six Figure Income ? Maybe, no doubt some have and more than likely some will. The tools are there if you want to try for Six Figures, and very good tools too, updated monthly and which I rate very highly.

But I am not sure if the full intent of SFI is just to focus on you making Six Figures.  There is an underlying theme at work which becomes more prominent as you dig further in the workings of SFI.

In the future there are plans to add new games. But for me the most important thing, is they intend to ramp up focus on Rewardacil and Localvantia. They are not new programs and I think they have been under utilised by Affiliates.

These programs have the potential to be better than many government foreign aid schemes.

For a start, it is people working with each other in a give and receive environment, managed fairly by each of the participants value within SFI.

Sure, SFI makes money, It is a business after all. They say 60% of the money earned goes back to Affiliates and members.  I don’t have the number but by updating regularly with new programs, membership options, games etc, for a network with over 8 million members, the costs from the remaining 40% could be substantial. Plus they donate to Charities.

Many programs stay static year in year out. This is not one of them.

My Recommendation.

Go free, and get to know SFI’s many parts.  What seems overwhelming is really just all the tools and resources. You can have fun with this and help someone at the same time.


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