MLM Network Marketing and Sex. Does it work? 1

MLM Network Marketing and Sex. Does it work?


MLM- Network- Marketing- and- Sex- Does- it- work-?

How hot is it

Sex and Success with Network Marketing. Does it work?


You may have heard about the days when parties were the go to option for selling things by mlm network marketing.

The excitement of potentially dropping the 9- 5 and in a few weeks pulling into the Luxury Beach Resort down in Maimi,  in the latest model Porsche.

In the Health Supplement Market

 All those stories and glossy mags showing photos of a bikini clad 85 year old woman, who has somehow transformed herself back to a fit looking 35 year old.   

Or a 75 year old hunky looking dude in board shorts, looking like he could go 15 with the champ.

They call it Lifestyle enhancement but, you don’t have to look to hard to see that everyone in the brochures oozes sex appeal. 

Because they

  • Lost Weight =  better sex
  • Look younger =  better sex
  • Took rare plant based supplements = better sex.

*Better Life style.  ed.

You probably have heard of Cali.  A herbal male enhancement product that has dominated the market for the last few years.

It is the herbal Viagra.  Now there is CaliPlus, and the female equivalent,  FemVigor. 


MLM Network Marketing and Sex. Does it work?

looking good

You Would Know 

Some of the biggest names in the health supplement market operate as MLM entities. 

The other week a lady friend of mine who has been in the industry for 25 odd years told me something about MLM, that very few people realize. 

SEX does Not always SELL.

She told me the sex enhancement products are not the best sellers in the health supplement market. 

The products that do best are those that help with issues like skin problems, liver health and constipation.

Even now, 80% of the human population rely on herbal remedies, rather than pharmaceuticals to manage health issues.  

Better sex she said, was a side effect.  You are a happier, healthier person. 

Every now and then we catch up for a coffee and she tells me about her experiences with MLM.  She is very smart and has walked the talk. 

She told me this 

Start with Nothing but Ambition. 

In this day and age there is no reason for someone to be not making money online.

There is no need to buy boxes of stuff to store in your garage. Unless you want to. 

A savvy person could jump on this market and achieve a 5, 6, even a 7 figure income. So long as they pick the right company. 

It has to be established.  None of this jump in at the bottom and build a pyramid.   Let it build organically. 

What if 

You combine affiliate marketing and mlm. ?

You have a set of good products that you are confident to promote and sell. 

Plus, you have a website, to sell the product.  If you don’t have one we can make you one and host it.

 You make affiliate commissions from the products. 

If someone decides to sign up under you.  You get a small kick back. Win, Win. 

It sounds like normal MLM,  but there is no pressure for you to push your down line.

Just concentrate on your own business and making sure your customers are happy.

The health and wellness market has a long history of here today gone tomorrow. 

Croc Mint has been around for about 10 years and is at the top of its game.

It gets Better.

It is not only an MLM and Affiliate Marketing combination.

If your into Drop shipping, you can ship this stuff world wide.  You now have 3 channels to move product.

If you want to sell at home,  your covered there too. 

You can go to this link,  fill in some details, and you will get all the info in a day or so. 

What this can do for you.

A Niche. A clearly defined market with multiple products. 

You have all the ingredients for a very successful, Six,  even 7 figures a year income.

In The  global herbal supplements market, whose size was valued at U.S.D. $8.46 billion in 2017.

MLM Network Marketing and Sex.

An expanding market

This is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.2%.  Some of the key factors contributing to the market growth are rising inclination towards natural products.

Awareness regarding preventive healthcare, and surging spending on health and wellness.

A Growing geriatric population coupled with the rising prevalence of chronic conditions is also fueling the demand for herbal products across the globe. See more here.

The Products

MLM Network Marketing and Sex.

herbs are for more than cooking with

The side effects of Doctors prescribed medicines is well documented. 

The Number 1 thing for your success is your customers satisfaction. 

You have all products backed by Doctor Endorsed Formulations.

  • Your customers will have a full 30 day money back if not satisfied guarantee. 
  • Your customers privacy is assured and all packages will be discreet and there will be no indication of the content of the envelope on the outside. 
  • A safe, secure check out process
  • The company is established and stable. 
  • A hotline if they need to contact an offline contact.
  • All products have little or no side effects as opposed to prescription drugs.
  • World Wide Shipping 

MLM Network Marketing and Sex.

The customer benefits are supported by numerous testimonials.

For example in weight loss. 

An experienced doctor writes…

My patients who were overweight used to be nervous with their eating habits after I asked them to eat only the required amount of food. I used to recommend to them appetite suppressing pills but not a single pill had been effective. I then came across Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ online and verified its credentials. I can confidently state that this product is the most effective Hoodia product to be introduced into our lives. Let s Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ work for you.
– Dr. Leisha Thompson, North Dakota, USA

Giving up Smoking

A doctor shares her observation…

I came to know about Nico Not from one of my patients. He did not experience the withdrawal symptoms after he started these pills. I believe Nico Not’s permanent effects further avoided the relapse. I have started recommending Nico Not to my other patients who have successfully quit smoking. Nico Not has become my only prescription for people who intend to quit cigarettes.
– Dr. Wakahisa, Tokyo, Japan

For younger looking Skin.

“I was 18 when I was in the grip of acne. It frustrated me because the more I tried to remove by squeezing or applying something over it, it grew even more. My face was in a bad state. My mother took me to a dermatologist six months ago and he advised me to try FitoDerm. This pill is amazing. It cleared my acne and wiped off the scars. I wish had I found FitoDerm before, my acne would have vanished a year earlier.”
– Christine, 19, Tasmania, Australia

And many others for the respective herb formulations for males and females.

Acai berry formulations, which should be the foundation of any weight loss regime. 
MLM Network Marketing and Sex.

So MLM, Affiliate Marketing or Drop Shipping. 

You have the choice to have all these options working for you, plus you can also have an outlet from your home. 

The products are proven, the customers love it, and the customer service is great. 

You are on the threshold of making a serious life changing decision.

We all know that a common theme among people is the New Year resolution, and health and wellness is normally top of the list.

Maybe you just want to get healthy and give away some bad habits and have great sex.

Or you can get healthy and give away some bad habits, have great sex and make money. 

You have a Niche market with multiple product choices.  The one essential needed for online success. 

  • You have done for you landing pages.
  • You have informative PDF’s from which to get information and do research.
  • You have product and Marketing info that properly utilized will reap huge dividends.
  • They pay weekly. 

 It is not a controversial market, completely above board, with growth rates of over 6% a year and expanding rapidly.

  • You don’t have to spend a buck to get going with this.
  • it is a real cash program and totally free
  • you can create a online store and have free hosting
  • you will receive 40% of every sale and recurring sale by your customers.   ( Passive income ).

If you wish,  you can take this further and create your own product.

To get started you need to go and fill in some details HERE

No credit card needed. Just a desire to put in some effort, reap some rewards, and move away from the 9 – 5.  

copyright© All rights reserved. 

Herbal Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as they are considered a food not a drug. 

You should always talk to your family doctor before you begin taking anything new. Never take more than the recommended dose on the label, and always check with your doctor to make sure the supplement won’t interfere with any medication you already take.

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