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Phot of Spocket team members used in the article Is Spocket a dud.

Is the Spocket App a Dud ? (A Dropshipper’s Savior or Nightmare?)

For all you Shopify users, or wannabe drop shipper’s thinking about an app for importing products, Spocket, is probably one that has been in your face competing for attention.

As everyone has heard, many factors influence your online shop – from stock and delivery times to profit margin and branding – everything is important for the success.

So apps such as Spocket could be very important for your company.

Lets take a hard look at it, and see if it comes up to scratch.

Spocket Review (Mar 2022): Everything You Need to Know About Dropshipping with Spocket from the US & EU

So Is the Spocket app a dud? With something like 420,000 reviews on Google and more on Reddit. Pretty much all of them giving praise.

I went to the ratings reviews on Shopify, and the first thing I saw was a complaint !

Excerp below.

To not get charged by their not so upfront approach, you need to set your password within the app after downloading. It will not accept your Shopify password. Set a password in Spocket and then continue to cancel.

Excerpt of a 2 star review. Spocket app reviews on Shopify

lets take a closer look and find out:-

  • What is Spocket
  • What it does
  • What the complaints are
  • Final thoughts.

What is Spocket ?

Phot of Saba Mohebour founder of Spocket, used in the article, Is the Spocket App a Dud
Saba Mohebpour founder of Spocket
Founders and date foundedSaba Mohebpour
Tom Hansen. 2017
HeadquartersVancouver, Canada.
Product features Assists retailers with its machine learning technology by scraping data automatically and helping them with effective supply chain management.
Product importing. Order processing. Order fulfillment.
Used by Approximately 50,000 Dropshippers across 5 continents.
AwardsSpocket was recognised as a top North American Startup in 2018 by TechStars, Seattle.
It also earned the title as one of Canada’s most promising startups
Saba Mohebpour, CEO of Spocket was named one of the Forbes top 30 under 30 honorees
Some history of Spocket.
A screenshot of the Globe and Mail 2021 Report on Canada's Top Growing companies for 2021, It has a red and gold colours in a semi circle on the left with a gold seal  The Globe and Mail is white on a red background with a white maple leaf at the end of Mail.  The 2021 report on business is in black on a white background. This is used in the article, Is the Spocket App a Dud
Mentions in Canadian publicans.

The Reasons for Developing the app.

Saba Mohebpour is an immigrant from Iran, and to help with expenses while he started a dropshipping store.

He started a dropshipping shipping store while studying medicine at a Canadian university.

In his own words,

“I was building my own e-commerce store, when I realized how time-consuming and difficult it is to find products. I had to contact more than 400 suppliers and makers, to ask for collaboration and product discounts, because I couldn’t afford to purchase products in bulk.

I started Spocket to help small online retailers, many of whom already have an audience or are influencers on social media, source and sell highly discounted products without having to deal with inventory or logistics. Currently, there are over 13,000 online stores sourcing products on Spocket.”

Saba Mohebpour 2018.

What is Dropshipping?

Without going into this too deeply, dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where an online store doesn’t (generally), keep the products it sells in stock.

Instead, the store purchases products from a third-party supplier, who then ships the items directly to the customer.

A diagram of the drop shipping process, used in the article, Is the Spocket App a Dud
Drop shipping process

Anyway lets dive into the app.

If your interested, there are other more in-depth articles on this site about dropshipping

The Development of the Spocket app.

In 2018 Spocket raised $1.5 million in the first round of a tech start up.

Part of that money was used to hire a senior tech developer to move the development of the Spocket app to a more user friendly app.

For this they hired an additional seven people to the team, and make an allowance to spend on marketing and growth.

For the platform, growth meant expanding beyond Shopify, and to include WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix as well as social media platform Instagram.

These days it includes also includes Ecwid, Squarespace and a few others.

Plus, it also allows users to build their own products through Spocket. which is a huge benefit to anyone making their own products. Boutique soap and health and wellness products for example.

How does Spocket work

It is an app used for importing products into an online store. These are promoted as a sort of miracle device for dropshippers.

It claims the following benefits.

  • Spocket specifies to their product suppliers, that dropship business selling their products should be invoiced using the sellers business name and logo.
  • The majority of their suppliers are from the USA and Europe (80%).
  • *The Spocket team orders products from suppliers to test their quality and shipping times.
  • You are able to import products from Alibaba and Aliexpress via an extension.
  • You are able to start adding products for free.

Below is the video explaining all the features.

Video of Spocket’s features.

How does Spocket Compare to the Competition

Product importers or downloaders (call them what you will), seem to popping up all over the place, but Spocket has been around for a few years, and is recognized as a leader in the development of this type of software.

I tried Spocket when I had a Shopify store back in about 2017-18, mainly because you could download products from the USA and Europe.

In those days order fulfillment, processing and branded invoicing was still in its infancy.

But even back then, it seemed way better than Oberlo, which downloaded stuff from Aliexpress with exactly the same product descriptions you would see on Aliexpress.

At least the Spocket app at that time had reasonable descriptions, written in English you could understand.

There are plenty of comparison reviews on Spocket vs Oberlo and Spocket vs Modalyst in the google searches or in the Reddit or Quora forums without me doing into another full on one here.

lets take a quick look at them :-

  • Oberlo is Shopify’s in house app.
  • Modalyst is also popular on Shopify.
  • Their major differences are basically in pricing and product choice.

Spocket vs Oberlo

The major differences between these two are:-

  • Spocket focuses on sellers in the US and the EU.
  • Oberlo uses suppliers from across the globe.
  • Spocket’s shipping times tend to be fairly quick.
  • Oberlo’s shipping times can be a lot longer.
  • Spocket has a smaller range of products, whereas Oberlo has a huge range to choose from.
  • Paying yearly you can get up to 8 months off using Spocket.

However it doesn’t end there.

Oberlo operates as an in house app on Shopify’s platform, so it cannot be used on other platforms. WooCommerce for example.

From a business point of view Oberlo loses out because:-

  • It is opposed to the attachment of a custom invoice from vendors, that specifies the store’s name, logo, and contact details.

Whereas, Spocket demands that their suppliers enable custom invoices for seller branding, although it does makes some exceptions, which are clearly seen on their product lists.

This is a huge benefit for sellers wanting to build a brand for their online store.

Spocket vs Modalyst.

Without going too deep in a side by side comparison (something for another article). Modelyst has way more suppliers across many different niches than Spocket has.

However, this is no guarantee of quality.

The three biggest cons for me about Modalyst are :-

  • 60% of suggested retail prices go to the brand regardless of what amount you sell it at.
  • Shipping times and costs vary.
  • You can’t see the full supplier network unless you’re on a paid plan.
  • The process of placing orders isn’t wholly automated.

The Modalyst website gives lots of big numbers, but it only has 644 reviews on Shopify and a marginal average star rating of 4.4.

From a dropshippers point of view, a star rating of 4.4 is the very bottom when selecting products based on quality.

Spocket on the other hand is in the middle range with a 4.6 star rating on Shopify with around 2600 reviews. 2100 of whom are giving it a 5 star rating.

Trustpilot has 1700 reviews on Spocket with a 4.7 star rating. Which is consistent with Shopify’s rating.

Winning Products.

All of these apps have winning products selected using their own specific methodology.

However only Spocket comes close to surpassing this method for winning products, figured out by a guy when he was selling on E-Bay.

Spocket Pricing

A screenshot of the pricing for the Spocket product downloader app, used in the article, Is the Spocket App a Dud ?
Pricing levels.

While most of these apps offer generous prices enticing you to become a customer. Spocket’s is more generous than others I have looked at considering the value it offers to users.

Check out the screen shot below.

screenshot of the pricing plans for each of Spocket's product services, used in the article, Is the Spocket App a Dud ?
The different grades of services Spocket offers.

The maximum number of of products you can download is 10,000. This is available on the Empire and Unicorn plans.

The Unicorn plan lets you source products, make product requests, and offers a bulk checkout.

These 3 features on top of branded invoicing are the stand out differences between it and the other product download apps.

A look inside Spocket

Your dashboard is quite a simple affair. Easy to navigate and the product lists are clear with well written descriptions.

This a vast improvement on what was offered when it first became available on Shopify.

Screenshot of the Spocket app Dashboard that users get when they sign up for a plan, used in the article,  Is the Spocket App a Dud ?
The Spocket Dashboard.

As well these days the descriptions are written in clear English. This should help the product description make sense if you want to translate the descriptions into another language also

This saves anyone downloading items a ton of time, as only minor editing is generally all that needs to be done.

All the descriptions can be downloaded in print format or a PDF if you need to review all the details of the item.

What are all the Complaints About.

Looking at the first complaint on Shopify was kinda scary. Excerp below.

DO NOT use SPOCKET app!!! Be careful with this company as it’s absolutely fraudulent company with a business plan tailored to SCAM! They are scammers and at that stage when you will decide after cheepest trial that you do not need this App, they will….

Shopify 1 star review of Spocket.

Still to give Spocket credit, they replied promptly with this…

We appreciate the feedback. We would be more than glad to be able to sort things out for you and help you with your account. Please reach out to us at and we’ll gladly help you the best we can. We’d be looking forward…

Excerp of the reply to the above complaint.

There were others out of the 2600 reviews only 257 were 3 star and less. so a bit less than 10%. were moderately to very unhappy.

Many of the complaints were about suppliers and shipping times, so although Spocket seems to have done its due diligence with their quality control, some suppliers slipped through the cracks.

There may be some logistical problems confronting suppliers these days as well.

Other complaints were the costs being higher than similar items on other platforms, but it didn’t show as a selling disincentive.

More the shop owner comparing products with other sites.

Billing was another issue, and they responded to those in a helpful, respectful, professional manner as well.

From the replies on Shopify, it seems the Spocket team is constantly looking at improving its service, and takes all complaints seriously.

Final Thoughts

Overall it rates as a pretty decent app, and there is plenty to like about it.

Some of the major benefits to users of Spocket, apart from branded invoicing include :-

  • Good support, technical and billing.
  • Clear Images
  • Clear descriptions
  • Products that have been physically tested for quality and delivery times.
  • A great blog to help you sell more.
  • Although it has been a long term app for Shopify users, it is now available on other platforms.
Is the Spocket App a Dud ? (A Dropshipper's Savior or Nightmare?)

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