Is the Profit Lab System a Scam

Is the Profit Lab System Legit? A Look at Steve and Aidan’s 2023 Money-making System.

A promo of the Profit Lab system showing a book with the big secret "No Sell" system used to generate $183, 103 dollars in a month. Beside it are the numerals 1 2 3 and underneath is a green banner with the word PROFIT. Used in the article Is the Profit Lab System a Scam?
Profit Lab promo.

It is January 2023 and they are back.

Who? you ask.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Don’t know them?

They were the creators of the Kibo Code, the 100K Revolution, and numerous other earn online programs.

Ok if you still have never heard of them,

They have been at this for years. 7yrs. that I know of, and around 15 years all up.

I think they may have started selling Amazon online stores way back around 2008/2009 (I am not sure).

For those who don’t follow make-money online schemes, Steve and Aidan scan the online world for ways to improve existing methods of earning income online.

Some years even traveling the world!

Profit Lab or 123 Profit is their program for 2023.

At the moment it seems that it is just Aidan pushing the promotion of Profit Lab, however, I am sure by the time of the “official launch” Steve will appear.

Who are Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?

Thumbnail photos of Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth used in the article Is the Profit Lab System a Scam?
Steve and Aidan

They are a pair of internet marketers who teamed up sometime around 2006.

Together they have developed ideas and worked out ways to market products online using online marketing sources.

It doesn’t really matter what the product is, their main focus is discovering the channels to market the product through.

Although some tactics will fall by the wayside over time.

For instance, during the dropshipping boom from 2012-2017/2018 their Facebook strategies worked well for many people, but these days they are nearly obsolete.

Basically, they release one program a year, and develop as much interest as they can for about 3 months before the “Big Reveal”

A thumbnail of Mark Ling founder of Salehoo and Affilorama and Crunchbase. Used in the article Is the Profit Lab a Scam?
Mark Ling

Sometimes in conjunction with Mark Ling creator of Affilorama and Salehoo.

Once they have determined that those who are interested in the “Big Reveal” have all participated,

THAT will be it.

By late February the product will have disappeared into the archives of Clickbank.

Read on to see what happens with buyers of the product.

Are their Products Legit?

Yes definitely.

Although I said above the product will disappear into the dark recesses of Clickbank after its release (there is a reason for this), it does not mean that those who bought their products are left out in the cold.

They do have extensive help files as well as email and phone help which is available for as long as the buyer(s) needs them.

In addition, they will also give updates to the purchasers for new sources of traffic they have found useful, possibly some app developments to make things easier, and refine parts of the initial system to have it perform better.

They are great for Newbies because there is a lot of hand-holding and simple step-by-step templates to follow.

There is a lot of backup. I have no problems in saying they offer legitimate high-quality products.

However, they are not inexpensive to get into, and this is where some people get into trouble.

What this one will cost we won’t know until the 9th. January.

I would expect it to be in the region of $3,500- $5,000

There will be perhaps one or two replays going to late January, but after that, it will be gone.

Here is the reason they disappear. Steve and Aidan limit the number of participants for various reasons.

One is, that they prefer to help a small group achieve results rather than an ebb and flow of participants throughout the year.

Plus they have their own businesses to work on.

To register for the Profit Lab Click Here.

What is Profit Labs About?

This time it seems they have moved from dropshipping models to affiliate marketing.

But rather than CPC (conversions per click), they are focusing on CPA (conversions per action).

Basically how it works is if someone clicks on an ad and then fills in some details, you get paid.

Unlike CPC (this site for instance), where if you click on a link or ad, you actually have to purchase something before I make anything.

According to their method (CPA), conversions can be as high as 60%.

So, 100 clicks and up to 60 people fill out some details.

I think the best this site has done is 6 sales from 294 clicks on one product I promote.

So about 2% for me >> 60% for them.

Will I stop writing about side hustles, setting up your own small business, getting some real-world certifications, or improving your outlook on life?


That is not to say I won’t be taking a look at Profit Lab though.

I have the time, I’m always up to learn something new and I have space for additional websites on my hosting if I decide to become involved.

A circle showing the 3 step process of the Profit Lab System. Used in the article Is the Profit Lab System a Scam?
The 3-step process explained.

Some of the Features of Profit Lab

Apparently, it is all done in 3 easy steps.

The sales brochure lists 7 reasons it is better than “Standard” affiliate marketing.

  1. It makes more money than your average affiliate site. 60% vs. 2%.
  2. They have a secret traffic source to be revealed on the 9th of January. ?
  3. No or very little content creation. A 27-word website? go figure.
  4. You are able to collect email addresses. Not sure how they do that, if you want to subscribe to my site you click subscribe. If you buy something from a link I have no idea who you are and cannot find out unless you leave me a message.
  5. Start making money from day one.
  6. Do it as a side hustle.
  7. No previous online experience is needed.

There you have it. Add in no dealing with customer service, inventory, and selling stuff and I t looks like the ideal thing to set and forget.


They normally offer well-researched products that do earn a good income, and I see no reason that this one is any different.

They have been around for ages, and offer a money-back guarantee on all their products.

The products aren’t “cheap”, and you will need money to put them into action.

The registration details for Profit Lab used in the article Is the Profit Lab System legit.
You can register here or by clicking the image.

All the best for 2023.

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