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How to Earn Money Online to Build a Passive Income

How to Earn Money Online and Build a Passive Income

Even if you are not a webmaster, you can still make money online

After reading “how to make money online” blogs or comments on forums, you could easily get the impression, that making money online is about investing in financial pyramids and other dubious schemes.

This post will detail how to earn money online to build a passive income, even if you are not a webmaster, and without being taken to the cleaners financially.

Reading this article will put put things into perspective . You will see, that no matter what field of online earning you get into, there is a process. If you stick to it, then money will flow.

So… lets look at,

How to Earn Money Online.

For people with a desire to be independent, drop shipping offers opportunities, as does Affiliate Marketing, as does making things at home and putting them on E-Bay or Etsy

If companies can sell T.Vs, furniture even cars online, then surely there is space for you, to have a profitable little niche in a small corner of the web.

In fact there is room for you, read on.

For those who do not stop developing and valuing competition, know that they’re publishers who work alone, and who are able to compete with large companies.

The results in this game are entirely up to you. The rewards can be high.

The Headline Enticements.

If a person were to absorb all the hype and lies, the amount of information on blogs, You-Tube channels and sections of Internet forums is enough to create mental confusion, to the point where you might just throw your hands in the air and walk away.

Or worse have your bank account cleaned out by some scammer(s), as reported here It is nothing new and with terms like those used below it is an easy trap to fall into.

Terms, like the title of this post are often extended to say things like, how to earn money online free or how to earn money online fast is a good one. Others include the words without paying or from home.

I am guilty of the work from home headline too. See here. but it has validity.

This site is all about personal independence and I have access to qualified experienced colleagues for professional advice.

Earning online is a broad concept, and from the perspective of earning money, it involves participation in various types of partner programs to earn an income.

If you decide to go into dropshipping, it involves partnering with a supplier. Copywriting or content writing, you need a client. Affiliate marketing you need a product.

No matter which you choose, the above is a basic truth in the online world or the offline world.

The Potential to Earn A lot of Money.

In this whole industry you can sometimes see people who earn a lot. This doesn’t mean that most people earn a lot on the Internet.

Most people simply remain anonymous and don’t boast about their earnings. Some may put something up in a group as a motivating piece. Like this.

Generally though you will see people, who put photos of cash and statistics screens of their better months online, but at the same time, they don’t publish their costs.

How to Earn Money Online
Spending money to make money. I have seen much worse than these

This can give impression that making money online is easy. When in fact the failure rate for those opting to go it alone is quite high, somewhere above 90% I have read at different times.

One reason is “shiny object syndrome“. People bouncing from one scheme to another, without giving any of them a chance to work.

Other headlines say how to earn online with surveys or something similar. You’re talking penny clicks, you will make pocket money. If you are serious and want to make good money it is not a good use of your time.

Some people have done very well online following a few simple steps, it requires some skills (you may have some of them).

This Lady sells baby clothes and does Ok. English is her 2nd language.

The Most Profitable Methods of Earning Money Online

Writing content or copy writing can be profitable. Generally people in this niche are just looking for a supplementary income to help with expenses. Often it becomes a full time income.

It is or can be a totally dedicated online occupation, even though many advertising companies still have in house copy writers and content writers.

Drop shipping as I have mentioned, there are still people making dollars on E-Bay, although the costs have become a disincentive for many people. Still it works well.

Statistically, stable income is achieved by a minority.

Instead of looking at it as your life chance, I recommend to see it as a hobby and a way to help you earn some money. Although it is very real that you can achieve a lot, it requires dedicated commitment.

One of the reasons Affiliate marketing has many earning a good income online, is because it has a higher barrier of entry than say dropshipping.

Like Copywriting or Content writing, it takes a little time to become established and making good money. So lets go to…

What do You Need to Start

When I say a higher barrier, you are going to need a website and hosting, a domain name (s), and your website needs to be attractive and search engine optimized.

That all costs money, how much is up to you, and I will put a deal up a little further down.

Plus it needs to have some authority in a chosen niche. It has to be built out and ranking. (a little more on that here).

You might be thinking “Geez, No way, I can barely write an email, let alone build websites“. No problem I have that covered as you will soon see, It is not too difficult. Lets move on…

I want to cover a few terms in affiliate marketing. These apply to any online business actually, where you are calculating the cost of doing business.

Online bookkeeping terms you might call these.

So, before we go getting into the how’s and why’s of doing this ( Earning Money Online to Build a Passive Income), here is an overview of some terms used online in relation to online marketing.

Most Money in Affiliate Marketing is Made on CPA’s

What’s a CPA ? you ask. It is Cost per Action. The $rate for a promotion of the link, the action is performed by someone else. In a nutshell it is the data from a marketing campaign, where you have targeted a keyword of X$ value.

Every time someone clicks on that keyword it will cost X$, or $0.XX.

What to Promote to Earn an Online Income.

High ticket items are extremely profitable for the affiliate marketer.

One buyer coming from a link of yours leading to a $4 – $6,000 item that pays you 8 -12 % of the purchase price is not to shabby.

If you think it is not possible, check out furniture stores or high end art or Jewelry stores.

If you don’t like Art or Jewelry, or you want something with an edge of excitement, there are all the $10 – $20.00 clicks you could earn as an affiliate of a sex or gambling site.

Over a month your earnings online could add up to a tidy sum.

Lets face it the days of brick and mortar retail are numbered for many, as seen by the actions of Pricesmart a couple of months back and Amazon just recently.

The options online are many, and with the way of the world at present and its future direction, having an understanding of websites, how they are built, how they used for marketing, is going to be a good skill to have.

Some terms related to online business’s.

Dictionary of Terms Related to Making Money Online.

TermsThe CPA Consists of:
CPDcost per download – rate for downloading the file
CPIcost per install – rate for installing our file
CPLcost per lead – rate for obtaining a sale lead. (correct filing out of the form.
CPScost per sale – rate for the sale made through our affiliate link
CPRcost per registration – rate for each registration in a given website/game/portal/other
CPMcost per thousand (“M” as Roman 1000). The concept means rate for 1000 views/clicks/other actions. The most popular use of CPM is the rate for 1000 page/advertisements views
CPCcost per click – rate per click on our affiliate link
CPOcost per order – rate for the order (regardless of the value of purchases).
Words in Italiacs represent the meaning of the abbreviated letters.

One other is CTRClick-Through Ratio – which is an indicator defining the ratio of users entering a particular link to all users visiting the site with this link.

Terms Types of CPA Offers (Meanings)
DOIDouble Opt-In – lead is approved after the user confirms the e-mail address.
SOISingle Opt-In – lead is approved immediately after entering the e-mail address, the user doesn’t have to confirm it.
Incentan offer can be advertised anywhere, including generating motivated traffic.
Non-Incentan offer requires only high quality traffic, motivated traffic is prohibited.
E-Mail Submitan offer requires only high quality traffic, motivated traffic is prohibited.
Pin Submit. Confirm Pin Lead is approved after confirming the PIN from SMS message. In this category there are also SMS MO offers.
Lead Genlead is approved for obtaining lead sale (CPL).
Sell Genlead is approved for generating sales (CPS).
Credit Cardlead is approved after connecting and charging the customer’s credit card.
Survey Completionlead is approved after correct completion of the survey.
Definitions on the right.

What I am Offering.

Feel free to save the terms above, they could be of use to you at a future time. Serious online merchants / marketers/ like to account for their expenditure in a structured way.

This helps them know the best places to spend money when they are planning a marketing campaign.

Earlier I mentioned I will put a deal here for you. Once the link opens you will see two columns. The one on the left is what you receive as a free member.

The one on the right is what you receive as a premium member.

Again I would ask that you give this serious consideration, not because of the changing situation in the world, but just to offer you a way to develop additional skills to maintain your standard of living going into the future.

Take your time and check out the value. This process of earning money online could become a skill that allows you to be completely independent.

There have been over a million people who have joined and met the worlds most helpful online community.

here you will see stories from people coming from average circumstances and are now feeling quite good about what they have accomplished.

There are many stories, and you might ask, “With all these people doing affiliate marketing is this a saturated niche?”

Well, No.

Not everyone who goes through this course becomes an affiliate marketer.

Some move on to other things, like Heidi, who has built and currently hosts 5 local business sites for her clients.

She has more recently moved into high ticket affiliate marketing and into a coaching and mentoring role, also offering Organic Facebook Training for affiliates and network marketers to generate leads and sales to your sites.

Others move into Video, book publishing, domain buying and selling, photography, cooking, travel, you name it!

Just click on the button below, and sign up, it won’t cost you anything, and no credit card is necessary.

This is the place where people help each other reach their goals. As you know, with the right support you can achieve a lot in your life.

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