Genusity Home Energy Saver. From Fake Eyelashes to Energy Saving Units, this MLM has all bases covered.

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Does the Genusity GenEnergy+ Unit really Save you money on your Power bills?

Photo of a GenEngery+ Unit used in the article, Genusity Home Energy Saver.
GenEnergy+ Power Saving box.

The Genusity home energy saver is the odd one out in a catalog of beauty, health, and wellness products.

Not only can you look beautiful with magnetic eyelashes and face creams, or lose weight by taking their Thermogenic fat-burning pills.

You can also lower your electricity bills with their industrial-grade GenEnergy+ device that claims to reduce the wattage and amperage powering your home, to a lower level without affecting stability and reducing heat generation in electrical motors.

It then recycles unused and wasted electricity in your household system.

Lowering the amount of electricity your supplier has to feed into your household. Saving you money!

How does the GenEnergy+ Power Saver Work?

This is another unit in a world of electrical devices.

Travel power adapters used in the articleGenusity Home Energy Saver.
Travel power adapters.

Most people traveling overseas would have heard of a voltage change adapter or travel plug convertor.

Basically, a plug to fit into a wall socket of the country you are visiting so you can charge your phone, camera, or laptop.

Step up-Step down power convertors are not new.

You could probably go back to units for charging your car battery.

You plug it into a 220V or 240V wall socket and it delivers about 14 or 15V to your car battery.

Reviews of the GenEnergy+ power saver are few and far between.

But, I think it is safe to assume that it “straightens and cleans” the power from your mains connection so that any appliances are only drawing enough power to run efficiently.

The sellers of GenEnergy+ are quoting saving of up to 45% on your power bills.

This would be at the very top of the range I would think, and maybe 20-25% is a more realistic figure for most modern homes.

This link shows some examples of power savings.

The video below gives a reasonable explanation.

The Cost of a GenEnergy+ system.

The advertised “Wholesale price” is a touch under $400.00 for 220 volts240 volts single phrase systems.

To that, you need to add shipping, tax and installation costs. Probably an electrician would charge for an hour of his time plus travel.

The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, and having a licensed electrician install the device is one of the conditions for the warranty to be valid.

Other Benefits of the GenEnergy+ Power Saver include.

  • Properly installed it works 24/7. No maintenance is required.
  • Provides a high level of surge protection to your home’s electrical system.
  • Up to 689 times less than a basic Solar installation to produce the same savings.
  • Around 2 years or less to achieve a positive return on investment
  • Potentially increasing the life span of your appliances, heating and cooling systems, pool pumps, etc.
  • Improving the efficiency of the power circulating throughout your home will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from your home.

Buying a GenEnergy+ Unit.

This should be pretty straightforward.

Go to this page scroll down until you see the add to cart button and follow the prompts.

You are going to have to create a login.

I have read through the terms and conditions and trust me, it looks like a train-load of bureaucrats all had some input into writing them.

The important thing about creating a login is you will not be able to get a refund, if you are not satisfied with the product, unlike the simpler usual methods employed by many drop shippers.

Genusity Company Profile:

Name and Date of Filing Genusity LLC.  August 22, 2017. 
Registered Address6618 Walton Hall Ct, Waxhaw, NC 28173-7241
Current Status Active as of 12th march 2023.
Owners Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas
Pending or Settled Lawsuits None found.

From my research, I have found no complaints to the BBB, and I see no lawsuits recorded in Truth in Advertising.

Some Background on the Owners.

Photos of Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas the two owners of genusity, Used in the article Genusity Home Energy Saver.

Prior to Genusity Randy Thomas claims to have 28 years of experience in network marketing.  

He also claims to have owned several successful online marketing businesses and was the creator of one of the first online landing page lead collection systems in the mid-1990s.

 Another claim is that in 2005 with the help of his business partner, Tim Sebert, they built one of the largest Network Marketing downline organizations in history.

No previous business names are mentioned.

Tim Sebert claims to have been involved in network marketing since 1976. He has also owned several successful traditional businesses such as a Honda/Acura Automobile Franchise and, one of the largest Auction Houses on the East Coast of the USA

He set up a business called Bobbies Auction Barn in November 2022, using the same address as Genusity.

He and his wife have a joint business name as well.

A screen shot of Tim Seberts Auction  flyer, Used in the article Genusity Home Energy Saver.
Tim Sebert’s Auction Barn.


By buying the CenEnergy+ unit from a random online site in the Google searches it will be most likely that it is managed by an “associate” of Gensuity, and not the actual Gensuity parent home page.

So expect that associate to receive a cut of your payment, etc, etc.

At this point, I am not interested in going through the MLM opportunity presented by Genusity.

I never comprehend them anyway. You get to one level then pay more to get to another level.

For those that are interested in MLM you can see Gensuity’s “opportunity” at this link.

If you’re into MLMs this one might be a better option.

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