WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

46% of online marketplaces use WooCommerce. It is a derivative of the WordPress platform so widely use by many bloggers. Whether your want to sell physical or digital products online WordPress has you covered. This post will take you through those first tentative steps of setting up an E-Commerce site. There is of course a … Read more

Review of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model to boost Sales Post Covid-19

Review of Drop Shipping as a Business Model Post Covid-19

The idea for this review of drop shipping and affiliate marketing as a business model to boost sales, post Covid-19, came to me the other day, when writing up a new about me page for a clients website.

Without wanting to understate it. 2020 has so far been a tumultuous year for business owners and employees. Many business owners are looking for a new path to get cash flow happening.

As well as researching a few sites, relevant to his tool making business.

At the moment, the clearest path appears to be selling online. LinkedIn is one of many business sites pushing digital selling.

Not to mention the ads on my FaceBook page for work at home agents.

Is this the End of Retail ?

Review of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model Post Covid-19
The End of Retail.

Large and small retailers have been hammered by this shutdown.

My colleague, business analyst, Sirnivasan Mahanti, is of the opinion that, if 50% of the smaller business’s return it will be a miracle.

Over time, he says much will depend on the how the shopping centers restructure their business’s to keep and attract new tenants.

People are going to be less likely to become locked into expensive rents when they are only getting a 3%, or less return on their investment.

Many will ride into the sunset he say’s, others will transition to online only.

Brick and Mortar business’s (depending on their structure ), will try a combination of online, and walk ins.

Already we are seeing stock normally on a shop shelf, being sold off on E-Bay.

Baby gear, tradesmans tools, home wares, custom out door furniture.

So what you might ask, they have been on E-Bay for ages.

Not quite.. They used to be. Then E-Bay was swamped with Chinese Made everything.

Now it is more country centric. With many small manufacturers products, showing they are willing to compete against cheaper Chinese products.

A Massive Mindset Shift !

While doing the new “About Us”, page for my brother’s business. I went and had a look at some of his retailers. To see the marketing methods they are employing to drive sales.

These are Nation wide brick and mortar automotive parts and tools suppliers.

One of the business’s is drop shipping… I went and had a look on E-Bay. ( drop shippers paradise for some niches).

I saw this product. I have done an evaluation for this Here.

Review of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model to boost Sales Post Covid-19
G&G Technics Harmonic Balancer Puller

A drop shipper accepted by the retailer is promoting some of the retailer’s products on E-Bay. (some good sales numbers too).

Then I had a look at another of his retailers.

One other business offers 4% commission with a 30 day cookie to people wanting to become Affiliate Marketers of their products

Not bad, compare that with Amazon and its 1.5% or less, and a one day cookie.

Plus they have a website that doesn’t want to let you go until you buy something, unlike Amazon.

Selling Your Product Online.

OF the 6 nationwide retailers my brother supplies, only 2 had upped the ante to become more aggressive and exploit the online alternatives.

This is not to say the others were not investigating the idea.

The two established ways if your serious about selling your products online are Affiliate Marketing and Drop shipping.

If your not doing it your missing out. Big Time!

There is a cost to set up, but it is not prohibitive.

A quick comparison between Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping can be found here.

Affiliate Marketing or Drop Shipping ?

Which ever one you go with, there are companies that want to help you. Lots of them.

The goals of the advertising company will align along the need (after some horse trading ), manufacturing companies have for an advertising and marketing partner.

The reach and scale of the agency… The fit with your production runs and how it fits with your cost structure.

Premium digital media companies test new audiences and drive performance with multichannel products, consumer insights, and advanced ad technology.

Reputable affiliate management companies have a set of conditions you must fulfill to be accepted into their fold.

Some Examples

  • Does your Yearly turnover exceed $2,000,000.
  • Can you pay a deposit ? On top of a management fee, to be used by the marketing company to pay affiliates.
  • Do you have discounted offers.
  • Does your website have pop ups.
  • What creatives are you able to give affiliates. (Banners, Text Ads and the like).
  • What Commission will you be offering Affiliates?
  • What time will you give a cookie until it expires. (explanation below)

The management companies then assess everything, perhaps offer other assistance, or give you a phone call.

Have someone assess your site and its SEO optimization before accepting you into the fold.

After the initial set up and once you have been accepted, it is up to you as to whether you review affiliates who apply, or if they are to be automatically approved. (once their details have been supplied to the networks affiliate management).

Every now and then you may want to run sales ” Black Friday Specials” and the like. For these you will need to work with the management company.

Give them some ideas to create coding for whatever advertising you are intending to use. ie. Banners or Text.

What is an Internet Cookie?

You have probably seen those pop ups at the bottom of your screen when you go to a some random website.

They will have a little box or a drop down box that says, ” This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you”.

“We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy” .

What it means is your IP address (computer), is being recorded. In the case of an affiliate marketer who has had some one come to your site from his site, there will be a record of where the visitor has come from.

Techies say “fires a cookie”. Which means who ever was visiting the affiliates website has clicked a link that leads to your website.

Anyway the IP address of the affiliate is linked to the IP address of the visitor. The question for you is…

If the visitor comes back in a week or a month and buys something, does the affiliate still get a commission ?

This is of interest to Affiliates, as you can imagine.

7 day, 30 day and 90 day cookies are common. Companies like E-Bay and Amazon have a 24 hour cookie.

Reputable Affiliate Marketing Companies.


The above list is by no means exhaustive, there are many more business affiliate programs online.

The choice you need to make, is whether to align your business with your niche.

This can be hard as not every niche out there is covered…

Or join a network with a broad merchant base and let content marketers, and affiliates choose you from the category (Niche), that aligns with them.

If you go with this model then I would suggest to review the publishers website to make sure it aligns with your products.

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Market Research. The Future Potential of Dropshipping.

Drop Shipping research covers two areas.

  • Dropshipping Software
  • Physical products

For dropshipping software your research should have an overview regarding the competitive landscape, raw materials and downstream buyers.

Plus any research should now broadly analyze the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the overall market growth.

This is useful for companies like Oblero, SalesSource, Doba and AliDropship

Research Companies such as aeresearch or 3w Market Research provide very in depth information

The potential (from what I have seen), is great, but don’t take my word for it check out the reports above yourself.

The Best Sources for Drop Shipping Your Product.

I have at the link below, a list of Drop Shipping Platforms to give you an alternative to setting up your own drop shipping section within your company.

List of Drop Shipping Platforms You will want to bookmark this page once it opens.

Essentially this list is to give you a lead in to getting your products listed throughout the world.

The top 4 are SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, Sproket and Go Ten.

For Researching on how your Physical Product is likely to Perform.

Companies like 3W Market Research ( listed above), provide in depth reports on anything business.

Do you want to know the outlook for Forged Railway Wheels? They can tell you.

The outlook for Snowmaking machines, Auto Accessories, Orthopedic Care Products, Jewelry… ? The list is near endless.

The outlook. Year on Year growth prospects, regional market scope, product-market various applications, market size according to a specific product.

Dropshipping sales and revenue by region, manufacturing cost analysis, industrial chain, market affecting factors.

They could be the most valuable reports you will ever subscribe to.

If you are able to reach an agreement with a company such as Sprocket or GoTen this will be the most efficient way to get your product out to the world.

Companies like GoTen, World Wide Brands and SaleHoo rely on market research to keep abreast of trending products and future developments.

Generally speaking, companies like Oblero and Sprocket lean more to the higher volume consumer products, and hand made crafts. Themed Throw Pillow covers for example.

You will be vetted.

It is the reason Salehoo came into being. Once done however…

It leaves you to concentrate on making your products.

Every business is different. but the changes should not be massive to your marketing and distribution section.

If you want to set up your own little drop shipping section, it is not hard, you need a little space. A good work bench and a computer station.

The challenge will be finding drop shippers. If you do trade shows, you should have no problem, adding a link to your website helps. Goggle searches could help too.

Some basic Rules for Setting up Your own Dropship Operation.

Undercutting the Sellers.

Don’t do it.

This is a disgraceful practice that will only backfire.

I have seen it on E-Bay, A wholesaler advertising a product at less than the wholesale price others would have to pay.

That guy would not have made enough money to cover the postage.

If you are going to include drop shipping in your business mix, have a definite retail price setting for your products.

The people who sign up to sell your products deserve a fair go. I remember when the rip offs were rife coming out of China years ago. There is a review here.

Time to leave that in the past…

Back to a definite price point…

Here are a couple of ideas on how to achieve this.

  • Have the price point for the drop shipper as a percentage of of your retail price.
  • Depending on your costs. An example could be. 65% for you 35% for the drop shipper. This is the simplest. Everyone knows the boundaries.
  • Have a recommended retail price, and leave it to the drop shippers to set their own retail price. This works well.
  • If you are going to be selling, then stick to your retail price, the drop shippers may sell at less than you, but you still get your 65 – 70% or what ever.
  • This site will give you a great overview of how a good drop ship company works.

Product Distribution

If this is a change from your normal day to day business operations, there will need to be some additional area set aside for your Drop Ship operation.

  • Computer Station,
  • Packaging bench
  • Visible phone numbers for couriers
  • Postal declarations ( depending on your country.
  • Set up an account(s) with your postal service.
  • Ability to receive payments efficently… PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. Bank Deposit should be a last resort.

For accounting, have the drop shippers set up with a reference. So his sales are recorded.

Payment… The Best Part.

The great thing about Drop shipping it works 24/7. While your asleep somewhere on the other side of the world your products will be having eyeballs on them.

Nothing like starting the day with positive cash flow !

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.

1 work from home idea to fast track yor wealth
1Work From Home Idea to Fast Track Your Wealth
your finances should be going in this direction

Every now and then I stumble across something that demands my attention. This is one of those. In fact it is explosive !.

A work from home idea to fast track your wealth, fast. It goes to show everything you need, is under your nose (sometimes).

These day’s, you could swear that the intention of those in charge is to keep you poor. And have you working longer hours to stay poor !.

Here is something that any one can do no matter where they live or what language you speak. It does cost money, but, so does food. As much as we all like “free” things, free doesn’t get you very far.

The Coming Covid – 19, Depression / Recession / Economic Re-Set.

Something like the Coronavirus comes along and creates a financial bloodbath so big, our great, great grand kids will still be paying off the debt.

People talk about the Great Depression, Spanish flu, The Black Plague. I guess not too many reading this, or even walking around, will have experienced that, so, most of us have no idea really of what to expect once we are done with isolation.

Right now, you have probably received a supplement from the government to help buy some food. Maybe you have shut the doors of your business because of the lock down / social distancing rules.

If your sitting at home wondering when you will be going back to work, keep reading. I am going to show you how you can be making $6,000 – $50,000 a month.

If you get into this there may be no need to go back to the Corporate pigeon hole.

The Financial whiz bangs and the talking heads on T.V, are all in a massive bull market of misery. Rather than listen to them, keep an open mind and think of alternatives.

Anything is possible.

In this Post, business analyst Sirnivasan Mahanti (Rab), detailed 3 obstacles he sees, that the retail sector has to over come. One other thing he said was, with change comes opportunity.

But, he warns, “.. governments and central banks are referencing pages from previous playbooks. With currency devaluations, and manipulation of the precious metal prices imminent, physical items you can turn over quickly, are likely to be the safest commodities to be involved with.

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One Internet Home Business Opportunity That Will Produce a Steady Flow of Consistent Profits.

In normal times, what I am about to show you would fly off the table in super quick time. But we are not in normal times. And really this work from home idea is never marketed to the point of saturation.

I have other work from home reviews that will not come close to this. I have also done some MLM reviews, they don’t come close.

There is also a cost to become involved… and it is not MLM.

If you get sick of earning you up to $50,000 a month. You can always sell it, and move onto bigger things.

I am not pushing some MLM or BlockChain, or some other dodgy program, that will flush your hard earned down the toilet, and leave you in a financial bodybag.

At a behind closed door meeting last week ( 2nd week of April, 2020 ), Amazon decided to slash the percentages it pays to affiliates to almost Zero !

I read the other day that Amazon has been listing inferior products with very basic reviews, and also, I have read, it has butt ugly delivery practices.

At first, what I was reading defied common sense, but after about 3 of my colleagues complained, I sent an email to Rab ( Sirnivasan), to see what his opinion was.

His reply (in a nut shell), was to be prepared and strive to be self sufficient. There will be more and more companies scraping every cent they can, from where ever they can, over the coming months. Services too, will be striving to be as efficient as possible.

Self Sufficiency.

Although this Covid- 19 economic downturn was unpredictable, money is a concern no matter how diligently we have saved.

If you have invested in the share market, then your stocks have probably taken a hit. I know mine have. But some were already on a downward trend.

And to double down on the shrinking share price of stocks, many companies will not be paying dividends this year.

Many home business ideas for making an income, seem outdated, unfashionable, or just plain boring. Well, year on year those boring websites keep turning the results. And there are always bringing new products coming on stream.

Best of all, you can always a steady income, no matter old old or inexperienced you are.

Time to get Fired up on Your Financial Health

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth.
get fired up.

As i mentioned earlier, Amazon is not being very helpful to anyone. E-Bay is getting expensive, the craft sites as well. Then there are the funnels, lead magnets and all the other whiz bang things that fill my inbox.

If you are not very tech savvy you will be floundering around in circles, paying for things you don’t understand. Making money on the net doesn’t have to be hard, sometimes humans over complicate things.

There are no tricks to earning an income on line. Your problems will either be technical, or marketing, or a combination of those.

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.
1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.
See it for your yourself Here.

In the above screen shots you have two choices. If you have some Website building skills then all you need is the plugin to get your store set up.

If you have no Website building skills, you can pay some one to set it up for you, and put some of the profits towards learning some website building skills.

What you get

I said there is a cost involved, and if you are not tech savvy don’t worry, there is help for you. As much as you need.

  • Full ownership of the drop shipping business.  No playing by anyone else’s rules or limits. Do whatever you want with your store including: customization, expand your catalogue, re-set markups as required to take advantage of different seasons. .
  • You can even sell your store. 
  •  Live support by your own personal manager. 
  • Whether your decide to just buy the AliDropship plugin and build a store your self, or order a ready custom store.
  • You will have FREE lifelong support and plugin updates.
  • The dedicated manager will answer all your questions and take care of any technical issues.
  • One-time payment for the online store
  • You will only pay ONCE for the WordPress / Woo plugin or ready made store. There will be no further monthly fees!
  • Order a turnkey custom store. 
  • If you don’t have time to build an online store, you can order a custom one. We’ll create it from A to Z according to your preferences.
  • The cost of this service starts at only $299.
  • This is a one-time payment ! No more to pay !

You still have to pay for your domain name (about $13.00 per year), and your hosting which varies between $1 and $5 per week. Depending on the number of sites you have.

For less than $1000, you will be set up and ready to make money within the next 30 days. Others are charging up to $3500, just for the training, no Website! No hosting, no site set up, and no products !

Much of their training revolves around Amazon, which is taking bigger chunks from sellers profits, and just recently as I have mentioned, shafted a few hundred thousand bloggers.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something Different.

It will spice up your life.

Drop shipping is a leading e-commerce business model. You don’t need to own products to start selling. The key to running a successful drop shipping business is the management infrastructure.  A poor system will create nightmares for any drop shipper.   

Ali drop ship is a powerful drop shipping website plugin that will automate the process, connect store owners to millions of products and give you all the tools to run your business. Get them here

Check out the Profit Calculator.


Selecting Good Products.


Click on this to get all the frequently asked questions.

Aliexpress and COVID – 19

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.

Aliexpress is a many faceted organisation. Much angst is being thrown around at the moment about China and its role in this virus.

If you were really prejudiced you would not be this far down the page. If your reading this, then your obviously a rational person who decides things on facts. Not media speculation, or gossip from the neighbour.

I have mentioned Jack Ma in this post Although he was one of the guys who created Alibaba, and then Aliexpress. These days he is more associated with philanthropy work than business acquisitions.

At the end of the day Aliexpress is still the go to place for consumer items. It is still the number one wholesale site, if you navigate with care.

When opposition business, and the news feeds are piling in because a company is successful. History shows that those companies keep being successful.

One fear many people have is personal and financial security. In recent times this has probably had as much an influence for people buying online as have convenience and cheaper prices.

Secure a Lifetime of Prosperity.

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth.
Steady flow of consistent impressive profits

Making piles of money is never boring. When you consider what all this amazing wealth can bring you.

Any type of lifestyle you choose to live. Anywhere you want to settle down, if you want to settle down. All the nice things you ever desired is yours.

It is not only one of the most profitable ventures, but also one of the safest, You can get started for about $300.00. That should be enough to get you up and earning in a short time. Many people have started with this plan and stuck with it.

There are many good, okay and bad online opportunities, but most of them come and go, or at least slowly fade away.

However, eCommerce has not only been a staple throughout out internet history, but it also has the best projection for the future.  Based on these three things.

  • Opportunity -with thousands of difference products to sell in hundreds of niches you’ll always have something to offer. This means you don’t have to fight with hundreds of other marketers selling the same thing.
  • Profitability – while profit potential with eCommerce has been always big, it also required a hefty upfront investment. This is no longer the case.
  • Stability – as you can see the E-Comm market is a pretty stable one. Which makes sense as more and more people buy things online and will continue to do that on daily basis. So this is a lasting business.
1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.
Pick your Package, A one time payment for all plans

Until next time,


I write on this platform.