Even if you are a content writer, getting fresh content online can be a chore sometimes.

We can deliver that for you.

The other benefit is, having content done on a topic looked at through a different set of eyes can enhance your readers perspectives and response’s.

Our done for you content writing service, is the easiest way to keep your blog in front of Google, and the other search engines.

Let us take the hassle out of coming up with ideas, research, SEO and editing.

We cover everything. Give us a topic, and we will select a choice of titles then send them to you with our recommendation.

We will then write a value packed article and include any internal links you require, as well as including external links.

Images can be either ones you have, or we can use images from our data base, which has over 1million images.

Your post will then be sent to you for final approval.


Starting at $75 for 1,000 words, or request a quote by filling out the form below.

We would love to provide you with fully optimized SEO content.

Have professional content you want to promote. If you have content in the Work from home, MMO, MLM, SEO, or Personal development niche then it is a good fit with my existing content.

There are two options, $35.00 for a page with a sidebar

This option includes 2 updates for your article a year.

Or Option 2.

$65.00 for a page without the sidebar ( So no ads, or other distractions for your reader).

This option includes 3 updates a year for your article(s). If your article is less than 1,000 words then you have options to build it out over time.

Fees are good for 12 months, after which time they will have to be renewed.

Your articles should be sent (preferably), in a Word doc format, images can be jpeg (preferably), or png.

Headings. My default headings are title H1 for the title, and H2 for the following paragraph headings.

All headings are of equal value.

Let me know if this is Ok. You may have other options.

Regarding links they should be set to >no follow< and >sponsored< or >do follow< if pointing to an authority site, and to open in a new tab.

Restrictions for outgoing links.  Don’t link to scam gambling/casino or sex sites, please.

Immediately upon publishing your article will be automatically “pinged” to about 200 RSS feeds.

I also have other sites/ search engines, where your article will also be automatically submitted.

I will forward you the link to the finished article for your social sites.

Also if you need your article to be submitted as a news article I can include this for you as well.

Duplicate content. I will not accept duplicate content.

Curated content is ok, but if you are including noncurated content, then a citation should be included for that piece.  

Other benefits for you to consider: I use powerful hosting and a professional theme that loads fast. My site has better than 99% uptime.

I use premium image compression, this also helps maintain fast load times.

My site will handle up to 500,000 visits daily.

It is updated weekly with new content to keep “favor” with the search engines.

To contact us.