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Does Reiki Healing Work or is it a Scam.

Does Reiki Healing Work or is it a Scam.

A Reiki review from the outside, looking in.

Unlike MLM scams this is a belief system. There are online and offline courses (some quite expensive). So, does Reiki work or is it a scam?

Interestingly enough there are many medical practitioners who practice Reiki, and many others who say it is pseudoscience.

However there are no uplines / downlines and some head honcho at the top taking all the cream off your hard work.

According to some, it is a mindset of belief (like religion I guess), others say that once money starts changing hands, then it becomes a scam.

What is Meant by Reiki Healing

A photo of a guy in a yoga pose with a lake and mountain in the background, a full moon behind his head and coloured dots down his white shirt to illustrate the Reiki points. Used in the article, Does Reiki Healing Work or is it a Scam
Meditation and the reiki control points.

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

It is based on qi (“chi”), which practitioners say is a universal life force. Clincical research though does not show Reiki to be effective for any medical condition.


Despite all that, Reiki is available as a treatment on many health insudrance policies, about 70% of Canadians regulary use “alternative health care therapies.”

Hospices and aged care facilities in many countries also provide Reiki treatments for their patients.

Does Reiki Healing Work

Health Benefits of Reiki

Although there is clinical research that say’s Reiki treatments are not beneficial for medical conditions such as cancer or other serious illness’s, there is a lot of ancedotal evidence that Reiki has helped people suffering these ailments.

In this article on Death Doulas, of the eleven businesses reviewed, many (nearly all actually), of the carers had some certifcation in Reiki, as well as having nursing or higher qualifications.

Training in Reiki is also done by some qualified carers.

Another statistic I found from 2021…

In the USA, 15% and growing—of U.S. hospitals offer reiki healing specifically. Leading institutes like Yale, Harvard, the University of Minnesota, the University of Arizona, UCLA and others offer reiki as a complement to medical interventions.

Forbes Health

The benefits mentioned in various journals include:-

  • Maximize patient care and minimize recovery time
  • Makes a patient relaxed, calm and cooperative
  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Decreases the need for pain medication
  • Allows the nurse immediate stress relief and relaxation, after just a few minutes of self-treatment on the job.

Is Reiki Fake ?

As something that is considered safe and free of side affects, Reiki has garnered quite a conflicted reputation among health researchers, medical professionals…

And back in 2009 the Roman Catholic Church:- Which says “A Catholic who puts his or her trust in Reiki would be operating in the realm of superstition.

I doubt that their position has changed.

Make of that what you will, but I see lots of Christian groups practising mindfullness, either with prayer or meditation.

Lets face it, mindfullness is generally considered to be a part of eastern culture, which they incorporate into the healing process.

Still there are others who just call it out as quackery, administered by mystical quacks.

One of my favourite sites for information is Quora.

I typed in “Is Reiki Fake“, the majority of the answers were that it works.

There was something about it that defies physics.

To find out for myself I spent about $30.00 and went and bought a course on traditional Usui Reiki.

So will I become a Reiki practitioner?

Highly unlikely.

Have I felt any benefits?

I am being told it will take more time before I feel the benefits.

I only bought the book(course) last week.

But, I have seen and read more esoteric things in MLM’s, that have people maxing out the credit card in the hope of striking it rich.

Ok generally speaking, Reiki is not a get rich quick scheme.

So far as I can see.

There are things I found in it that most of us have probably heard of before. Visualization, being aware of consciousness, 3rd eye, (Reiju) meditation for self.

There are deeper topics as you get into the book, Attunements, Symbols, Hand positions, but it is all explained in simple language with diagrams.

Probably (apart from the lessons), the biggest takeaway is that you do not diagnose or prescribe, and in your life you will strive not to be judgemental or react.

I see nothing wrong or quackery about that.

I guess the main thing is how much should you be paying for a course.

I have read about Reiki Grand Master Teacher Hawayo Takata, who charged $10,000 when she introduced Reiki to Western culture.


Is Reiki a Good Work from Home Opportunity

Unless you have a deep interest in self healing, or work in an enviroment such as a Hospice or aged care (or live in Canada ?), then it might work for you.

I do have a friend of a friend, who had her husband make a trailer (shaped like a mini house), which she tows to various markets to ply her trade.

She also does work at home.

So the possibilities are there. Building up a clientele is going to be the hard part.

There are opportunities with health resorts, aged care, hospice’s / pallative care and in-home care.

The money being paid to provide a Reiki service varies from $50.00 to $230.00 an hour.

Often other qualifications will likely be required though. Nurse, nurs’s assistant, aged care nurse, or hospice nurse etc.

For many it is a self care thing, and building a business is not necessarily the reason they get into Reiki.

The cost of the training, and steering clear of someone with a multi thousand dollar course claiming miracles, is the thing to look out for in this occupation.

Thanks for reading.

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