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Developing Self Motivation Techniques- The Panda Planner

Lesson 1

Self Motivation Techniques. The Panda Planner
Lesson 1

Developing Self Motivation Techniques. A Panda Planner Review

No matter what our problems are, we realize that to change anything we have to be motivated to do it.

So, You Want to be Motivated. 

You probably know as well as I do, There are hundreds, maybe thousands of scientific studies on human behaviour done over the years which have developed many self motivation techniques.

Panda Planner being one of , if not the first Journal to have a proven scientifically developed diary format that uses self motivation techniques to drive productivity at a personal level, increasing your happiness.


Self Motivation Techniques. The Panda Planner
Change your thinking

A quote from the business directory  “The desire to achieve something, or to succeed, accompanied with motivation, determination and an internal drive”.

We get up, go to work and do our job, and go home, often taking the stresses of the day home with us.

Everyone being different, obviously there are different ways people cope. Not all of them good, and usually they become habitual. Been there?  Me too, see my about page. 

For many it leads to deep dark places.

Motivation is important because it helps you cope with challenges and opportunities with a positive mindset.   

If you fall off the rails it can take up to 3 months to form a breakaway habit. Here are some tips to help you find your motivation again

To Stay on Track

Someone with plenty of energy but no goals may find themselves pursuing one opportunity after another without success, wondering what it is that they are wanting out of life.

Goal Setting and Self books on  Self Motivation  are readily availble at online book stores or your local book store.  These are popular, I have friends who have them in their bookshelf or laying on a coffee table. Probably you have too.

And they do help. Just from anecdotal evidence I have seen, people have transformed their lives and taken charge of their problems instead of relying on expensive prescriptions.

Self Motivation books are great to read and so long as you put the words / thoughts into action, you will see change. But you need to do more than read. 

Because, we generally only remember 12% of what we read, and this only goes to 20% when re- reading the same book.


This is the best way to stay on track because it makes your goal part of your routine. The No.1 Journals you can get are Panda Planners.

Why? because they are scientifically designed to make you happier and more productive.                                                 Panda Planner

Brief Panda History

Panda Planner is a motivational journal. Overwhelmed by the symptoms of Lyme disease, Traumatic Brain Injury and cancer.

Michael Leip, founder of Panda Planners turned to proven research in positive psychology and neuroscience and created a system to get his life back on track.

The planner allows you to stay focused and hit your goals. Regain control of your life & mind. The Daily Planner has scientifically-designed tools to empower you to take back control of your life.

Over 400,000 + people are already using Panda Planner to unleash their true potential.

Why is Self Motivation Important

Self Motivation Techniques. The Panda Planner
Staying in the present

For our well being of course.

I am no doctor or physiologist, and usually they can’t help, unless you are motivated to change. Surprisingly putting the problem “out there” is a good start, and often the response is positive, but you can’t go living on sympathy, you need to want to make the transition.

But it is not only adults, students are very prone to losing motavation over the course of their learning.

Often it is the frustrations of life that lead us to undisciplined behaviour. Life becomes boring,  or all the news you read or hear is bad news, and you slip into a “who cares”  type mode and just go through the motions without any quality of life, which can degenerate to depression or worse.

So, It helps to understand what motivation means to you so you can find your own ways to get motivated.

The Benefits.

Are you Busy but not Productive. 

Motivation will provide you with goals to work towards. You will be feeling upbeat and positive with a different outlook on life.

Panda Planners are great, although they are never likely to take to the place of a doctor or physcologist, they do provide a trigger to keep you on track with your goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

With built in mini-routines based on proven research, all engineered to help you build a habit of positivity and develop a growth mindset.

More specifically it uses science to help you build positivity and gratitude for the life you already have, while helping you get closer to the life you want.

What you get with a Panda Planner.

Get 11 information-packed eBooks for free with your Panda Planner: 

  • How to Get Your Shit Together in Under 60 Minutes
  • The Keys to a Happy & Productive Life
  • How to Get Back on Track When You Fall Off Course
  • A Billionaire’s Secrets to Productivity
  • How to Crush Your Goals
  • How to Cure Procrastination
  • Video Quick Start Guide –  short videos to find out how you can skyrocket your productivity using Panda Planner.
  • All these resources, along with the corresponding productivity videos will be located on the first page of your Panda Planner. Follow the link located on page one to access awesome resources that will help you build the life you were meant to live.

Built in mini-routines

That are based on proven research are engineered to help you build a habit of positivity and develop a growth mindset.

All you have to do is:

Follow the simple layout so that your priorities are clear and productivity becomes automatic.

Self Motivation Techniques. The Panda Planner
Mostly bad news

The Panda Planners have been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, HuffPost, Parents, Bustle, Inc. and so many more.

They are Ideal for health care professionals, teachers, parents, patients, lawyers, realtors, sports and anyone who wants to see the trees from the forest.

Michael Leip created Panda Planner’s to help  people like you, navigate the ups, downs, and crazy days of life while still making time for play, gratitude, and the people you love most.

That’s why our science-based approach won’t just help you work smarter — it’ll also help you stay healthy, manage stress, and start doing more of the stuff that lights you up

Forget about the foxes, lions and wolves, Panda Planner is the original animal planner.

So, Which Panda Planner is Right for you Self Motivation Techniques

Panda Planners uses science to help you build positivity and gratitude for the life you already have while helping you get closer to the life you want. You deserve your happiness.

Go Here Developing Self Motivation Techniques- The Panda Planner to get yours  


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3 thoughts on “Developing Self Motivation Techniques- The Panda Planner”

  1. That is one of the keys to success which is to be self-motivated no matter what we should stay focus and give it our best shot. With every success storey, you will find that those persons achieved because they were self-motivated.

  2. The Panda Planner certainly helps to organize your day. With Today’s busy schedules we all need to plan better and learn more about how to motivate our self better.

    There is to much negatively inputs all around us. We need more positive feedback to overcome the negatives we face every day.

    • Thank you Fred.
      Life is harder now because our world is designed to distract us. Our world is more confusing than ever.
      This is no secret.
      Depression and anxiety rates are skyrocketing. Addiction is an epidemic. Obesity continues to rise in America. General unhappiness, numbness, and dissatisfaction are basically the expected norm.
      Using the Panda Planner to give gratitude will help overcome those negatives


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