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Randy Ray is also known as Ogale Erandal Ray. In his early business years business’s he was associated with accumulated debts of close to $800,000 before declaring chapter 7 personal bankruptcy in mid 1986.

Since then he has been involved with various companies including an MLM company called Fuel Freedom International in partnership with Wendy Lewis.

Fuel Freedom International sold pills trademarked as MPG-CAPS, which were claimed to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase engine power when used as an additive to gasoline.

Part of that company’s spiel at the time was that the pills had “originally been developed by NASA for the 1970s space shuttle program”, although there was never any proof offered to back this claim.

Results of independent testing of these fuel additives can be seen here.

In February 2009, Ray as CEO and co-owner of Fuel Freedom International signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with Florida’s Office of Attorney General and $100,000 was paid by the company.

Pursuant to the terms of this agreement, Fuel Freedom and Ray are enjoined from, among other things, violating Florida statutes pertaining to false and misleading advertising and prohibition of illegal lotteries, chain letters, and pyramid clubs.

Later in 2009 Ray and Lewis established Juenesse.

Jeunesse has mainly concentrated on anti-aging , ie products that will make the user look younger or feel younger.

Jeunesse launched a concept called the Youth Enhancement System (YES), which claims to use stem cell technology to slow down the aging of cells.

In 2014 Jeunesse reported sales of $400 million with 400,000 “affiliated sales representatives”. This was up from sales of $180 million in September 2013. In 2015 sales went past the magic 1billion Dollar mark, according to their website.

A domino of dollars with a red arrow point skywards used in the article Jeunesse Global Products. Genuine MLM or 1 Big Pyramid Scheme
A business owners dream

Other sources attribute part of this massive increase in 2015, to members of an mlm company called Vemma switching to Jeunesse, after Vemma was stopped by US authorities in 2015.

Which ever way you look at it, a $600 million jump in sales in one year is massive, particularly for a MLM company.

Maybe it was the old MLM catch cry of getting in on the ground floor before it really takes off, and it was like, 6 months of boxing day sale stampedes?.

Maybe it wasn’t really sales of product, but sales of memberships (or should I say partnerships?). Whatever, we just have to take their word for it.

Lets find out a little more and take a look at the…

Jeunesse Global about us Page.

About us pages can be generally found on any website (even this one). Most companies/ people put up a little history of themselves or their company on their website to tell people a little about themselves or, what it is they are trying to achieve.

Here is a snippet from their about us page. “When the Founders, husband and wife Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, emerged from retirement to create Jeunesse”…

Wait a minute… this is different to the information I have above.

Ok whatever, we all have moments where we use words to convey a different impression. Or just being forgetful. I won’t add any more here. Lets move on to…

Jeunesse Products.

Before and after photos of person claiming to be using Jeunesse anti-aging products in the article Jeunesse Global Products. Genuine MLM or 1 Big Pyramid Scheme
From Pinterest after using Jeunesse luminesse

Jeunesse sells all the usual suspects in the health and wellness domain. I won’t focus too much on the products. No doubt some are good, others are mediocre and others might be absolutely terrible.

With MLM it always seem to about the money, the next “Big thing… Get in on the ground floor” Yada, yada…

Ok, now we or most of us have seen the before and after shots of people with blemishes on their faces on one side and perfect blemish free faces on the after side, in the sidebar advertisements on our computers, or on Pinterest (where I like to look around ).

The claims made are probably debatable (and maybe a few of the photos are not really of the person), but many people swear that their use of the product does / has helped improve their appearance.

The products may be high quality (that’s part of the sales pitch). And some MLM-marketed products are in fact, very good.

Aloe Vera is one that comes to mind. It started as an MLM, went bust, but you can now (years later), find the same products in supermarkets.

I don’t use any of Jeunesse products, so I am going to remain agnostic on their claims.

Some people though, are not, but I will get to them further down the page.

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