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How to earn Money with a Blog

How to Earn Money With a Blog

Can you make money blogging?

Is a question typed into the google search bar millions of times a week. The short answer is, yes. This case study will look at how to earn money with a blog and comparing it to other options to making money online with writing.

The long answer is also yes, but it comes with riders. Think . How dedicated are you to creating an income stream from writing? OK, no problems, if you just moved the cursor to the X at the top right corner, that’s ok.

For those still here, besides dedication there is also direction, you have 3 choices. That is it, only 3.

Write your own blog, write for a business, or write articles as a freelancer.

Blogging. What is it?

A blog (a truncation of “weblog”) A good Interpretation here

Freelance writing, you do not need a website of your own. Starting out the money will not be great, until you have done a few jobs and have a few good referrals. With some experience $100 +, is not uncommon for a 1000 – 1500 word articles.

How to Earn Money with a blog

Getting to do articles on subjects you are not familiar with can be challenging at the beginning. Most people have  limited experience with a broad range of subjects, finding something you are able to articulate may not be in demand. This is an arbitrary assessment of course, and  there may be big demand for your skill set,  and it is just a matter of articulating it professionally, to keep you constant paychecks.

Often,  research takes more time than writing the article. Freelance writing is not the only option though, the list of things freelancers offer on Fiverr is comprehensive, and it is only one of many companies where freelancers can exchange labor for money. How to Earn Money with a Blog

With experience comes better pay days, and it is open to anyone of any demographic, any  language or location.

The scope of subjects is, basically, anything you can think of (infinity?), tech, social, arts, music, dieting, erotic,  Social writing is popular and $10.00 for 150 words is easy pickings for many writers who have a broad range of interests.

Business Writing. Again, you don’t need a website. Business writing has one criterion. Write about the business products targeting a relevant audience. This will also help the business to rank higher in Googles Serp’s. (visibility).

A good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization techniques, and you will be in demand, pricing your expertise accordingly. Some of the very successful earn five and six figure amounts per year with only one or two clients.

A business can have all the latest whiz bang products in the world, but if no one writes about them, that website is invisible.

Become good at this and the world is your oyster. There are sure to be some you know something or a lot about.

Starting a Blog of your own is a little more involved and involves a cost, hosting your site, domain name, email client and plugins. There are free website builders available see here , or you can set up your own using WordPress.

There is generally a common theme in the thoughts of people who start their own blogs. They want to showcase their authority and build a brand. This has the potential to build passive income from many streams.

To get started, you first need a niche, Then a website.

Niche Market Examples.

Although you know what you want to start writing about, identifying a segment of that market (niche), that is likely to make you visible to an online audience can be challenging. There are tools to help you, how much you pay, or which one you use is up to you.

A Case Study

Say you want to blog about Running, the below graphic shows that you should be targeting your posts towards Shin Splints and Running Shoes. The top ranked Page is Runners World. A good idea would be to have a look around their site before you start your own blog site.

These are your major competitors, you need to be able to have your work ranked up there with theirs.

How to earn Money with a Blog

A google search on runners gives these results.

How to Earn Money with a Blog

If you looked on the runners world website I think you would be pretty impressed, maybe even overawed. Notice they have different writers under many of their articles promoting items from Amazon.

Essentially the structure of their website is no different to the WordPress graphic below.

How to Make Money with a Blog

The concept on Runners World is news stories and articles featuring products. Plus lots of photos. It is also established, having been around for years. When it first began it was as basic as, they use freelancers to add content. Lots of it.

Another running site which ranks highly is this one It does not look that great but it is focused.

In previous posts I show how to research domain names and keywords, which are the initial processes you should follow to have a successful blog.

How to approach having a Money Making Blog

How to Earn Money with a Blog

The video above gives a basic idea of how to have a monetized website. It is possible to have one on any topic you can think of. The trick is how to make it visible to your audience.

There are numerous places on the web that offer systems and training to turn your blogging dreams into reality. The levels of training between each vary, as does the cost of accessing each. Comparing which offers the most in value for money is not too hard.

What most people need is timely help in answering their questions. Without this people lose interest, drop out and at some later time join another site and try to start again.

Timely help in my opinion should be the most important factor in making a decision on which platform to use before committing yourself to any financial commitment.

A blog is a starting point for any idea you may have. It gives your idea a platform from which to build and branch out into your other areas of interest. However, if you are not careful it can come at a greater cost than it should.

Ignoring the Mainstream.

This works well in any online endeavour. The internet has the tools to take you anywhere you want to be. You just need to know how to tap into them.

Popular hosting sites like Wix, Go Daddy, Big Commerce, Shopify et el;  all promote setting up your business on their sites. They are promoted to appeal to those wearing rose coloured glasses, Easy, Inexpensive, and it will boost your income.

So you have thousands of people doing the same thing, and not many making any money at all. It is a lack of knowledge in how to have your product visible in the search engines.

All those companies offer additional Apps to “help” you. These come at a cost. They offer little assistance if the product your promoting is also being promoted on Facebook, E-Bay, Etsy, or by Amazon et el;  many times the supplier of the product is also advertising it at the price you paid 

One place to find unique products and promote them on your blog is Here.   They have an App that research’s which products are likely to be hot or not. It gets you away from the ultra competitive mainstream where your costs are likely to exceed your income.

More on this in another post.

Don’t become a Victim.

You can find work from home positions in a variety of career fields spanning a wide level of expertise and experience. But consider this from an FBI report. The ratio for scams to legitimate “work from home” jobs is 61-1 For every one legitimate work from home job there are 61 scams

This applies to jobs where it is advertised that you will receive an hourly or weekly amount as well as setting up a business promoting a scheme or becoming involved in trading sites such as this. 

Statistics are showing surge in people working from home and put this down to companies moving offshore, people sick of the “9 to 5” regulated workplace, and commuting being the top reasons.

My recommendation is to start here, where you have all the help you could ask for.


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