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Canned Oxygen Reviews

Oxygen Plus™ Review.

Oxygen Plus

Recreational Oxygen

Or as many call it, Canned Oxygen. It comes with a lot of claims from people who have bought and used the product, some who swear that it has helped with Asthma, or as a pick me up after hard exercise. With many athletes claiming that it improves stamina and muscle recovery. This Canned Oxygen Review is predominately on Oxygen Plus™.

By advertising their product as “Recreational Oxygen ” Oxygen Plus is not occupying the same space as some of its competitors who advertise 95% pure oxygen on their product. Which could lead some people to believe that it has some medical value, as medical grade oxygen is concentrated at 90% and above.

Customer reviews of Oxygen Plus™ seem to understand that it is not a substitute for prescription oxygen, although Oxygen Plus™ is packaged as 95% pure oxygen. That it all it has. No flavorings, additives, nothing but 95% oxygen.

So, rather than carry a canister of prescription oxygen, a can of Oxygen Plus™ in a hand bag is a convenient alternative if your O2 levels need a top up.

Medical Research.

The skeptical. Medical researchers say that the average healthy human body is not able to absorb any more oxygen into their blood cells when breathing normally. Oxygen levels in the atmosphere are at 21%. Some have used the analogy of trying to cram more people onto an overload bus.

However, many of the same medical researchers do agree that having a hit of concentrated oxygen after a workout does help the athlete, recreational sportsman / women,  etc. do have better recovery times.

Much of what the medical researchers are critical of, is the oxygen bars, and the potential for people with existing lung conditions to exasperate problems they may already have by using Un-sterilized, non medical grade tubing.

Health and Wellness.

Canned Oxygen Reviews

The promotion of health and wellness seems to have evolved to one thing being the be all,  end all solution to our problems.

With many people wanting to get out and do their own thing, and break free of the rat race,  Health and wellness has a growing field of practioners.

Athlete X promotes Y brand of vitamins as the thing he / she uses to win. I go into the health shop and see half a dozen shelves with brand Y’s products and think, “He must rattle”.  And the cost, ” why so expensive? “, So I usually walk out with nothing.

I mean,  there is a pill for everything, who doesn’t want to relieve stress, ease muscle aches, increase energy, concentrate and focus more effectively, sleep better, slow the aging process, and recover quickly from jet lag and hangovers?

Well I don’t drink and I am not going to go for a night on the town, and next morning see if squeezing more Oxygen into my blood system will cure my hangover. There is some anecdotal evidence that it does.  Who am I to argue?

If I buy something it is for a particular purpose. Like the guy in the Video.

Endurance and Stamina.

Is often associated with health and wellness, but have you noticed how so many products in the health and wellness market project a scene of dynamic lethargy ?

The sedentary lifestyle, On a balcony overlooking the ocean, a perfect day, eating fruit, sipping juice, smiling and happy. A small blot in the background, but a perfect picture for the T.V.  If this is you,  forget oxygen plus you have no need for it.

A close up of the blot in the background shows a kayaker paddling hard in a meter and half swell. His body straining as he works hard at keeping on course and trying to maintain speed against the current. This guy would benefit from Oxygen Plus™.

It might seem extreme but this is where Oxygen Plus™ is of a benefit, compared to the alternatives. Sports drinks, loaded up with extra sugars, and caffeine. They may provide a short term upside but you need to take more to prevent the side effects, and all those calories, carbs, and caffeine are harmful to your health.

I think they are addictive, I have  many friends who drink 5 or 6 a day, that can’t have a good outcome.

More likely using the so called sports drinks is probably not addressing the real issues confronting you.

Which may only be depleted levels of oxygen. If you are that kayaker Oxygen Plus™ will be of more benefit than say a pink bull.

Not everything has to be out there, full on strenuous activity for Oxygen Plus™ to be of benefit to you.

If your a traveler, visiting places like Cusco In Peru.  The high altitude may effect your enjoyment of the tour, Macchui Picchui, and all those wonderful sights. The locals suggest that you chew cocoa leaves to combat altitude sickness. Why not keep a can of Oxygen Plus™ in your travel bag?

Have you ever been driving for a couple of hours and started to feel drowsy, you wind the window down to get some fresh air into your system. You immediately feel good again ?. ( depending on the weather outside of course).

That is the effect Oxygen Plus™ has. A burst of fresh Oxygen to depleted blood cells and your going again. If you do a lot of driving then you would know rests stops are not always where you need them to be.


           None. Using Oxygen Plus™ can help you tackle your mental and physical goals, side effect-free.

As long as you breathe Oxygen Plus when your body’s oxygen levels are depleted, and breathe enough of it to restore your depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels.

Oxygen Plus™ advises that any person with any type of health or medical condition should consult their physician prior to use of O+ products. Since O+ is not a medical product or intended for medical use, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA.

Who benefits with Oxygen Plus™.

As I have pointed out, healthy active people who want better recovery times either during or after exercise. There are many others from Asthma sufferers to office workers who have submitted positive testimonials about their use of Oxygen Plus™.

    These are verified and are published on the Oxygen Plus™ website.

Although many health professionals are skeptical, Oxygen Plus™ does have research from independent sources such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medicine School, The British Sports Journal and others. You can See Them Here

In this canned oxygen review my opinion has shifted and I now understand why the average office worker in an air-conditioned office with artificial light, would be using it. Someone who does meditation would use it, As well as athletes, even Yoga practitioners.

Personally as someone who has chewed cocoa leaves I can vouch for Oxygen Plus™ benefits at high altitudes.


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