The Benefits of Canned Oxygen - Review.

The Benefits of Canned Oxygen – Review of Oxygen Plus. 2021 Update.

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What is Oxygen Plus used for?

Lets take a look at some of the claims being made about the benefits of canned oxygen and include a review of Oxygen Plus.

Common Questions about Canned Oxygen.

  • Do Casinos pump in pure oxygen so that you stay awake and play longer?
  • Does recreational oxygen help with Covid ?
  • Does canned oxygen help sustain energy and vitality?
  • Can canned oxygen combat altitude problems.?
  • Does canned oxygen alleviate the effects of jet lag?
  • Will using pure oxygen diminish exposure to polluted and stale air?
  • Is Oxygen Plus Safe?

Myths About Recreational Oxygen

A lot of claims from people who have bought and used the product. Some swear it has helped with Asthma, or as a pick me up after hard exercise. 

By advertising their product as “Recreational Oxygen ” Oxygen Plus is not occupying the same space as some of its competitors who highlight 95% pure oxygen on their product, but leaving the “for recreational use only” in the very fine print near the bottom of the can. 

Ok, maybe I might be nit picking over advertising methods.

Two Common Myths

  • Casinos pump in pure oxygen so that you stay awake and play longer.
  • Helps Contain Covid Symptoms.

Myth Number 1

Do Casinos Pump in Pure Oxygen so that you stay Awake and Play Longer?

It would cost casinos a fortune to pump pure oxygen into their gaming lounges.

Also, because of the increase of oxygen levels in the casino, something as simple as lighting a cigarette would cause a devastating explosion and fire.

So that is definitely a myth.

However it has been proven, breathing O+ oxygen can help high rollers and poker masters increase mental alertness and focus while improving their recall and reaction time ( *Source Scholey).

Does breathing in Oxygen help with Stress.

I will let you decide by watching this video.

Myth Number 2

Using packs of oxygen bought from the supermarket helps Contain Covid Symptons.

Media reports coming out of India during May and June 2021 were quite scary. Painting a picture of desperate struggling people, dealing with a Covid outbreak and oxygen shortages in their ICU’s. 

The pandemic-induced oxygen shortage in the state, brought about an increased interest towards recreational oxygen across local supermarkets and drugstores.

Several Private supermarkets have stocked up on recreational oxygen, as the product does not require a license or prescription to sell.

For Covid patients suffering from critical loss of oxygen in their blood stream, it (recreational oxygen), can be a life saver untill they can get to a hospital.

“However, it cannot be a sustainable home remedy for Covid-19,” Dr Ashwin Kumar, a Vijayawada-based pulmonologist said.

Pulmonologists say that these spray cans do not serve the purpose that covid patients would hope for, as the primary purpose of canned oxygen is to help professional athletes and mountaineers.

You can see more at this link from the India Times. 

There is some truth that it does assist with covid symptons.

Energy and Vitality Boosts from using Oxygen

Many athletes claim that it improves stamina and muscle recovery. 

As well as anecdotal evidence there is also scientific evidence to back this up.  

Professional athletes may benefit from supplemental oxygen to quickly restore reserves of a chemical called ATP, which gives us energy.

According to Dr. Anthony Hericks, a pulmonologist who specializes in helping people with breathing problems 

“I think when you see the athletes on the sidelines, take a big burst of this oxygen, it fills up the lungs, so you get more in the bloodstream.

Maybe you are able to make ATP (a chemical which gives us energy), a little bit quicker which means you will have a little bit more of that immediate energy available

Can you Combat Altitude Problems using Oxygen Plus

There is enough evidence to show canned oxygen does have benefits for mountaineers and others at high altitudes.

The Benefits of Canned Oxygen - Review.
Tough guys need oxygen too.

Studies have shown that 75% of people will suffer some form of altitude sickness above 4,900ft (1500mtrs). regardless of fitness, age, or sex.

Tourists who are at high altitudes for a short time will find having a can or two of oxygen beneficial.

However these would not be convenient to dedicated mountaineers, who rely on their oxygen tanks at the higher levels.

Does Oxygen Plus Alleviate the Effects of Jet Lag

There plenty of evidence to show that oxygen will alleviate the effects of jet lag.

Some airlines even offer oxygen to passengers.

At cruising altitudes, airline cabins have a lower saturation of oxygen level than at ground level.

Typically this is about 10%. Combined with the stress of coping with airport security, bad food, layovers on long haul flights, cramped seating can leave you feeling sluggish, with a headache, and feeling irritable.

It is recommended by the manufactures of oxygen plus to take a few deep breaths of oxygen once your back on the ground to restore your depleted oxygen levels back to normal,

The Benefits of Canned Oxygen - Review.
How it Works

Can Oxygen Plus Diminish Exposure to Polluted and Stale Air.

There are many from Asthma sufferers, to office workers who have submitted positive testimonials about their use of Oxygen Plus.

Being in an airconditioned office all day does have detrimental effects on your respiratory system, and as shown above, a dose of oxygen will

              Is Canned Oxygen Safe

Oxygen Plus and other oxygen products have not shown any side effects, or adverse reactions in actual usage.

Oxygen Plus does have research from independent sources such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medicine School.

The British Sports Journal and others.  See Them HereThe Benefits of Canned Oxygen - Review of Oxygen Plus. 2021 Update.

In this review my opinion has shifted, and I now understand why the average office worker in an air-conditioned office with artificial light, would be using it.

And why, Someone who does meditation would use it, As well as athletes, or even Yoga practitioners.

And, as someone who has chewed cocoa leaves in Peru, I can vouch for Oxygen Plus benefits in the higher altitudes.


If I buy something it is for a particular purpose rather than the novelty of it.

Like the guy in the video 

Oxygen Plus advises that any person with any type of health or medical condition, should consult their physician prior to use of O+ products.

Since O+ is not a medical product or intended for medical use, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FFA


*Moss, MC, Scholey, AB, Wesnes, K, “Oxygen administration selectively enhances cognitive performance in healthy young adults: A placebo-controlled double-blind crossover study,” Journal of Psychopharmacology, 1998 Dec;138:27-33

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9 thoughts on “The Benefits of Canned Oxygen – Review of Oxygen Plus. 2021 Update.”

  1. I had never heard of canned oxygen.  That is something that I don’t think I would ever want to use.  I’m wondering though if it would help some people with the affects of being in a high altitude area such as Colorado if they are not used to it.  I know that when we went there for my son’s gymnastic competitions, he had a really hard time breathing.  So we always knew that Colorado was not going to be a good meet for him.

  2. Daniel Tshiyole

    Canned oxygen? Well, that is the first time I heard of such a thing. The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard of canned oxygen, is people are preserving oxygen for the day when we run out of it haha. I have learned something new today just by reading your article, so thank you for this.

  3. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Use the oxygen after your back at ground level. It wouldn’t be allowed in your cabin luggage, so probably get it out after you you collected your bags off the carousal, and have shot of oxygen before you get into your ride home or hotel.  

  4. Interesting article! Thank you for putting it together. I’m curious about how well this works with jetlag? If I were to use this after I travel by plane, is it suggested to use it right after travel? Or a few times after you arrive at your destination? Or to use it while flying too? Thanks for your help! 

  5. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Yeah, as a “Morning after” pick me up it is not going to make you feel worse that’s for sure…

  6. My first experience with “canned oxygen” was in Las Vegas on a trip for a bachelorette party. The provider didn’t make any specific claims about what it could provide, but rather used generalized terms that sounded like they could help a person feel better and especially after a long trip or a long night out. Results varied among the people who tried it, but no one had anything bad to report about the experience. Thanks for sharing more info!

  7. Sebastian Ephraim

    I had a cousine who was athmatic and he would need some form of medical grade oxygen under attack.

    The fact that Oxygen plus is more convinient has really hightened my interest in it for anyone who needs more oxygen than the natural one to recover faster

    And much more so since on average no human being can come out a live after 3 minutes without oxygen supply

  8. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Thanks, True it does have benefits, while they may not be at the highest level of medical applications, Their use for a person with asthma (as you mentioned), does offer some relief.  

  9. Hi, this is so an amazing article. I have read and read and can’t stop until I finish. I didn’t think that out there are so many resources regarding the canned oxygen. For instance because of my work I have a little bit of experience with the people who had asthma, who have been used canned oxygen for their lung problems and even in the covid world, I saw people who have been put to breathe from a mask with intubated oxygen. It is perfectly true that are a lot of benefits to taking into consideration regarding canned oxygen and no, it is not useless. Thank you for this good education article. No further questions.

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