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​I grew up living in a creek. Well, it was were I spent a lot of my free time.  After school, there was a rope tied around a branch of a tree that extended over the water, and everyone one would try to outdo the other with the biggest splash or the most eloquent jacknife, or how many somersaults they could do before hitting the water. 

Other times, on weekends I would go exploring the creek, sometimes on my own, or with a brother or friend and in the shallow water close to the bank we would reach down and grab as big a pile of leaves as we could, throw them on to the bank and grab the yabbies as they jumped about. We would keep them in a large tin and once we had enough took them home and cooked them. 

The problem with cooking them was we weren’t allowed to use mums stove or saucepans. So we would cook them over an open fire away from the house. We tried them boiled, roasted, and not being like the T.V. chefs of today, we never managed to get them to taste anything other than bland. 

At school you have teachers you don’t like and others you admire. One I admired was disliked by about 80% of the class. 

Before he was a teacher he was an Officer in the Dutch Navy. So stepping out of line in his class was not a good option. In his class you had to do the lessons, but, he always had a story to tell somewhere during the lesson. Then it was back to the lesson. 

Sometimes there was a connection with his story and the lesson, (an analogy). Years later looking back I saw that he was an adventurer. He was alway’s doing things,a little different and a little more risky than other “businessmen”. 

That’s him with the cap, with an American who had sailed across the Pacific in a raft. ​Hank heard a call over his marine radio one night went and launched his boat, and towed him to safer waters.

My adult years were like so many other’s in Australia. Married, kids, worked in one industry most of my life, building things. If that wasn’t enough I built things in my spare time. 

​For  (crafty) friends on weekends. 

 ​Boats. Ones that require effort to get anywhere.

Not only that but there may be things I know about that you don’t (and Vice Versa), 

​So why am I here? Everyone has a story to tell. I am fortunate enough that I don’t mind writing. The experience of life and I still have that explorer curiosity.

While I may still have the explorer curiousity i temper it with experience and knowledge. So whatever I am writing about is usually something in my knowledge base. 

There may be something in it for you, or there may not be. Advice is just an opinion, sometimes no matter how bad or good an opinion someone has on a subject, the receiver of that opinion does the opposite. 

The contarin nature of humans. ?  If what ever I review on this blog goes some way to allowing you to make an informed opinion then I am ok with that.

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