6 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money.

6 Ways Stay at Home Moms Make Money. 1 of them Sucks.

Here are 6 Ways Stay at Home Moms Make Money. 1 of Them Sucks… Unfortunately. 

So here we go, 6 ways stay at home moms make money from the comfort of their own home.  

Unfortunately I had 6, but research into one found it really sucked.

So 5 ok ones and one that sucks. I am including it here so others can know what to expect, if they decide to try working there.

The rest are legit ways to make money from home that do not involve MLM or Network marketing.

There are people who claim to make money from MLM schemes, and  there are reviews of some companies elsewhere in this blog. 

However, I am not going to include MLM in this post.

With up to 25% of working Americans making money from side gigs such as Uber, AirB&B etc; what you are not told, is that the returns on these may not be as great as the media makes them out to be.

Often the damage bill, or clean up will take the cream off any profits.

Plus there is a lot of regulation coming into the mix as governments are starting to meddle in this sphere.

Making Ends Meet.

Although I have heard from many individuals thriving from network marketing and much is written on it. I want to focus on how you can have a cheque this week, or next

  Not next year or the year after.

Like many people, I also found it difficult to make ends meet, with young children, the cost of daycare alone certainly wiped out a large percentage of my disposable income.

If ( like me), you have 2 children (or more), then add up all the costs associated with having a job (travel, lunch, uniform or wardrobe), add in day care, you may find that it more lucrative to be a stay at home mom or dad.

6 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money. 1 of them really sucks.
Baby Love

More importantly, your baby needs you!  They will not be little forever, so cherishing the time that you have with them is a no brainer.

With my two oldest children, I rushed back to work after 12 weeks.

For some it is a great relief to be able to spend time with adults, but for me it was torture.

The first days back to work all I could think of is my little baby.  How was she? Was she safe? Did she miss me? I was miserable.

 Working from home jobs

In this new age of technology, there are many work from home jobs that you can take.  Alorica and Sitel, are two work from home jobs that I have worked in the last two months.

With every job there are some downfalls.

Alorica, for me, (and this one really sucked), was very rigid,  they had a script and if you veer off the script, you got penalized.

It was awkward asking for all of the up-sells that were in the script. Then explaining it all back to your team leader if the client didn’t take up any of the upsells, who would then check that you followed the script to the letter.

Working for Sitel was a bit more flexible; you were given more freedom,  but learning the systems proved difficult for me.

The training’s move very fast, so if you miss one step, you will be behind the entire time of training. But this quite a good company to work for.

Writing  and Craft                                            

Do you have a story to tell?

6 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money. 1 of them really sucks.
My Story

E books and workbooks are the wave of the future!  Don’t get caught up in the length of the book. So long as your book is a complete thought you will be well on your way.

You can upload or publish your book on amazon or have a website done. Not quite ready to write a book?

You can work as a freelance worker on websites like Upwork or Fiverr   These are bread and butter for many writers who are also working on expanding their own business’s.

They can be  seriously lucrative options, with many opportunities available.

One Here.  Another which can become very lucrative, can be seen Here.

Both have a cost to become involved, and may not be suitable to many people because of this.

If you make things, Etsy is an ideal place to list your wares. Shopify is also a great place, with lots of support for merchants

Remember there are pros and cons with every idea.

6 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money.


You may need a police clearence and have to comply with some beaucratic red tape, maybe even build and extension on your home, and undertake first aid training (depending where you live). But this is another way that you can earn money from home.

Babysitting other children is an excellent way for you to make money and as an added bonus, you can keep your little ones busy with company.  Get in Canva and make a flyer. Post in the local mom and dad groups on Facebook or ask around.

6 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money.
Home schooling

Cricut or Silouhette

You may feel that the market is oversaturated, but honestly there is enough money for all of us out here.  Having a vinyl cutting machine and creating things has been one of my regular go to’s for making money from the comfort of my own home . Create an Etsy account and you can start selling things online.

Posh-mark or Ebay

Most of the time,  you have loads of  unused stuff lying around anyways, why not turn a profit?  If you are a mom of a toddler there is definitely some baby equipment that you are no longer using you can sell them in the facebook marketplace sale groups, or at consignment stores such as Once Upon a Child


6 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money. 1 of them really sucks.
Hmm getting there

You would need some understanding of health foods and how to blend them, but if you have this knowledge then starting your own health food business is not to hard. Initally you would need some packaging equipment, and to design a label.

There are many Bio – Chemists who can determine the products ingredients and chemical make up for your labeling.

For product the making of the product there are numerous community centers who will hire out their kitchens for a nominal fee, so you comply with food manufacturing requirements that specifiy the use of stainless steel in food making.

You could sell these at weekend markets to start, and if you want to expand, then there are numerous health food manufactures’s who can produce your product for you, without the expense of large product runs.

Many will give you a dedicated sales assistant to help you get your product to a larger market, they also have Bio-Chemists and a full compliment of qualified staff to assist every step of the way.

This is becoming a popular way for many stay at moms, some who have gone on to have their own label on places like Amazon or Etsy.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of ideas. But something that could be a starting point if your thinking about being a stay at home Mom or Dad.

It is a big decision to make, so starting with small steps is one way to keep minimal pressure on your financial outgoings.

Eventually you will find a happy medium and if you return to the mainstream work force then you have new skills to market and you may end up in a much better position than you otherwise might have.

There are lots of ways to make money from home so do not be discouraged!  You will have to get creative when finding ways to make money but it’s so worth it to make sure that you don’t miss out on your child’s precious moments.

Or find more stories Here.

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