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Jack and Viv Storms Dichroic Glass Jewelry



The most expensive jewelry is not necessarily diamonds.and not all fine jewelry  is found in jeweler shops or auction houses.  This Viv Storms Jewelry Review gives some background to the origins of her jewelry. I have also provided links to view further examples. 

 To know the work that goes into these creations. I think it is only fair for the reader to understand that the Dichroic Glass used in Viv Storms Jewelry has a relationship going back to Jack Storms artistic creations.  

He is known as a man who does not compromise on quality, a perfectionist,  and is regarded as one of the top 3 Dichoric Glass artists in the World. 

Lab Created Jewelry

Dichroic Glass has been around for a very  long time, often it mostly found in artisan markets and promoted by “word of mouth”. These days also via the internet. 

Very few people have experimented with it enough to create truly original pieces of artistic work. (Maybe because  its use by NASA deterred artists? ).

In the last couple of decades there has been a dramatic increase of Lab created jewelry.  particularly from Asia. Initially much of it dubious quality, porous, and losing its color after a short time, it also had little water resistance and colors would fade quickly if you were caught in a rain storm. 

There is a lot of underlying conflict between natural gemstone devotees and those who create chemical stones in a lab.  Sometimes this conflict  rises to the surface usually around times of highly publicized auctions,  when some buyer in Europe?  feels he has been duded by a lab in Asia.

Colored Glass in History.


This a fascinating history.  Dichroic glass has been found dating back to the 4th century AD, there are other Glass specimens dating back to 50 -120 AD. nearly all are Roman in origin and have been found as far away as Afghanistan and China.  

Since Gothic times, Stained Glass or Colored Glass art was used throughout Europe giving us some of the most stunning buildings designed by mankind.

Today some of the worlds best Stained Glass art can be seen at museums in Europe and America.

Although initially made for Cathedrals and Castles, Colored Glass found its way into residential buildings. It use in residential buildings was simply to make the home more appealing. If you could afford the expense, you could have your own design created. Often the manufacturers had sets of designs from which you could choose a design.

By the 1960’s it was becoming a dying art as buildings and houses took on a more “production” line approach.  Aluminium Sliding windows with plain glass replaced Casement windows  (made by cabinet makers), with coloured glass or stained glass. 

These days it is very rare, almost impossible to find someone with the right skills to make a Colored piece of Glass. When I was growing up it was not unusual to have a glass blower visit a school or shopping center. Fads come and go I guess. Maybe I should have added it Here 


Dichroic Glass Art

Possibly the World’s best cold glass artist is the highly acclaimed artist, Jack Storms.  Read More Here. His Colored Glass pieces have found in homes, in numerous private collections,  and two, even made it into Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Originally the glass art market belonged to a realm of specialized Glass blowers who molded their pieces while the glass was still molten.  Jack uses a cold glass technique learnt during his early day’s working for an artist experimenting with a cold glass process, combining lead crystal and dichoric glass.

Jack began perfecting this process and after years of trial and error started using this medium to create amazing breathtaking works of art.

The time involved in creating these pieces can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the design.

He is known for his use of the Fibonacci Theory in the design and creation of all his designs.  This is a mathematical theory believed to create designs in a way that nature intended them be.

With their vivacious and dynamic hues, dichroic glass has a large following among healers who believe dichroic glass activates all the chakras of the wearer and opens the path towards the expanded universe that is beyond the bodies.

VIV STORMS JEWELRY REVIEW - 2019 Jewelry                                                   

It was years before Jack Storms dichoric glass  would be turned into jewelry sized pieces that would appeal to the fashion conscious. Vivian (his wife) saw the potential of making smaller pieces for jewelry and was determined to make it happen.

But even with the cold work lathe Jack had invented,  and all the other experimentation’s, making these pieces required overwhelming perfection to achieve an unparalleled kaleidoscope of color. 


Vivian’s determination  to make these works of art available to a wider audience, led to the creation of a fine line of jewelry unsurpassed in beauty, class and style.

The range has been expanded to include Cuff links, Earrings, Rings,and Necklaces. Vivian’s desire to create captivating fine jewelry has manifested into an amazing kaleidoscope of colour and brightness unlike any available from mainstream jewelers.





Name:-  Viv Storms Fine Jewelry

This is top of the line Fine Jewelry

Prices are probably lower than you would expect when comparing these with the prices of jewelry featuring top quality natural gem stones.

You can buy online and there are credit terms available.VIV STORMS JEWELRY REVIEW - 2019

Available in 14K White or Yellow Gold and Silver.

Popular as a healing stone.

In  light they are exceptionally mesmerizing pieces of jewelry

The website has an accurate virtual ring size measurement tool

Quality Assured. All stone material is by Jack Storms fine art crystal.

Each stone has a lifetime replacement warranty against defects or damage.

Genuine art work. Not just a spray on dichroic treatment.

You are dealing with the originator of the designs. 

Free Shipping throughout the United States 


None with the Product. It is excellent. Better, they are awesome


The photos on the item pages could have better definition

The time to create the stone can have limitations on supply.

Back orders can have an extended waiting time. 

Taxes and exchange rates for overseas buyers can have a negative effect.

Overall – These are high quality handmade items that radiate a shimmering light that will outshine a diamond.

You can view Vivian’s collection by clicking on the link below

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